A short how-to about arraytype 100

I’ve made a short how-to about using arraytype 100. For beginners. Here is the download link -

Here you can download an android app to find out the package name you want to -

Have Fun. Please let me know if somebody is interested how to use the miles/km switch and the c°/f°.

Android 10 clockskin update :-

All android 7.1.1 clockskins using touch feature on stock apps only ( except settings ) will need to be updated using the above guide . All installed apps will work as before.


Top work my friend :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you, Tim. I hope it’s understandable for everyone.

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Indeed very helpful and easy to understand :+1:

Where can I get the adresses of other actions but the MainAction (e.g. the sportstracker also has an overview page and the music player has a playlist subpage…

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Cool Thank You!!! :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod::sauropod::sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:

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Activities are listed in the manifest of the apk… but not always readable. And not all “actions” are activities, so they can’t all be directly launched.


Unfortunately, my guide is not 100% correct regarding the package name. I will try to improve that.

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Oh man this is AWESOME! Thank you very, very much!

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A word of warning to all . If you have a app installed on your phone and the same app on your watch and use " Package Names " to get the code you need to create a watchface with a app shortcut .The code will differ from each other ( not sure if always ? ) . Therefore it wont always work . I got two sets of code earlier , the watch code had a additional word " section " . My face now works . I hope this makes sense . Thanks


Thanks, Tim, for finding out. We will have a lot of fun with this new toy!

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Thanks mate :+1::+1: . I am working on a cracker :wink:

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Have you guys figured out an easy process to get the two pieces of package info from inside the “Package Name Viewer 2.0” app on your phone over to the XML text document on your computer (I’m on a Mac) without retyping it? Or do you actually run the app on your watch and move the data from there to your computer? I want to finalize the work on a computer and then drag the whole watch face folder over to the watch from there, so I’ve got three devices involved for adding these touch spots. Haven’t done one completely yet, so I’m fishing for “best practices” so I don’t end up repeating some slow, convoluted process, which is what easily happens to me. I figure you guys have done it awhile now and streamlined it a bit. Any guidance will be appreciated!


Morning Mr Ticks . Here is our guide if you have not had chance to have a look .

Really important you use the app " package name viewer on watch " not the phone version as sometimes the detail on apps is different and dont work . I use a mac also and i have built a template that i just copy and paste into the .xml file after i have finished it using WFD and alter the relevant sections . The detail you get on watch from the package viewer app i just manually type it in as its only a couple of lines . Let me know if all of this makes sense :wink: .



Does anybody know the Activity for The Loudness Dialog for the Kospet Optimus?

com.android.systemui.settings.LoudnessDialog does not seem to work.

Thanks in advance.

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GREAT!!! Very nice that we can customize the watchfaces for own need, rather than what the designer has chosen - what fantastic flexibility.

So these are clickable fields which open an other app.

Can we also insert data into the watchface, like temperature or any other item ? I mean, do some watchfaces have fields into which we can select where the data should come from, like complications on Wear OS ?

clockskin faces are not protected. You can always use WFD to open a face and modify it for your own use. (not distribute)


Gin - Followed your tutorial precisely, created an icon on the desired face, opened Package Viewer and selected WhatsApp, gave me the option to copy or open, pressed open and Whatsapp popped up.

After all that, the icon didn’t work. Here’s the xlm code I used:

As always, your guidance will be greatly appreciated!

I don’t have time to find your mistake right now. But I know that it works for whatsapp too.

A I will appreciate any help you can provide
PSI even copied Tim’s Smoking Monkey WhatsApp code

The problem i think is your x and y positioning . The rest looks fine .
I have never seen before positioning with a decimal point