Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

INTRODUCTION NOTE : This work is done for free. No one should take it to sell it or put on the PlayStore without my permission.
If someone find this application useful, feel free for a little donation :

There have a been a lot of discussion and designer request for me to support PROTECTED watchmaker face format. Benefit is for designer to be able to protect (lock and encrypt) his work and be able to see it running on the launcher for all of you to use it. It's a new opportunity for designers that spend a lot of time on those faces and will now be able to protect and sell (if they want) their work. This new protection support  has been shared and discussed with Watchmaker  and designers so that it has been agreed that my launcher is authorized to support it. Thanks for Alex, Terry, Pablo11 and others to have made this possible. For those who are interested in the protection details, i can just say that i will not give you any hint, so no need to ask !

Little demo :
using those 2 skins :


Previous thread :

Feature demo video in this thread:

Notes :

  • Pulsing default skin is not a bug, it’s a feature that shows that the engine is working good.
  • To use the wrist on gesture (with compatible watch), disable the system one and enable mine in the settings.
  • If you want to uninstall : first you need to go in launcher settings 3rd screen and click little button with “Uninstall me”, then go to system settings locate app settings there and uninstall there.
  • If the launcher is shifted right and bottom, then you probably have activated the square zoom mode of your watch !! 
  • a log file is created in case of crash on the root of your memory (same place where you create your ClockSkin directory)

Watchmaker Features :

  • .watch file support : protected and not protected !
  • date/time/stopwatch tags (reference here watchmaker.haz.wiki/).
  • battery tags (except temp)
  • sensor tags only steps/HR/accelerometer
  • some “series” tag support (only minute / hour)
  • timezone / weather
  • “skin pref” dialog in the 3rd setting page : the Main location is used for weather, the others are for timezone. You can also choose C or F for temperature.
  • No phone/device/tasker tags
  • full script support
  • full shape / shader support
  • markers / text (carriage return is not seen)
  • text shader support
  • Bright / Dim mode, multi screen support
  • full lua support with wmschedule, tweens but no wmtransition…
  • watchmaker counter tags
  • watchmaker UTC tags
  • watchmaker wind / humidity tags
  • watchmaker google calendar support tags
  • watchmaker hour and minute functions
  • watchmaker sound support
  • watchmaker location tags
  • some watchmaker bugs corrected

Clockskin Features :

  • clockskin file support is not full : are missing arraytype : 17, 18, 97 and 98
  • clockskin Skins can be read in ZIP format : no need to decompress a skin in the ClockSkin directory, just put the zip file.
  • NEW clockskin animation possibilities with WFD.
  • NEW arraytype 100 support : the “touch” feature… discussed here : LEMFO LEM10 QUESTION? Ask it here!
    Note that the ZIP file should not contain the skin in a sub directory or NEW it could have a directory with the same name as the file.

General Features :

  • Double tap opens a dialog box where you can : choose between Night and Day mode (when supported by the skin), adjust the zoom factor and choose/reset the skin.
  • no more watchTMP directory needed !! => Faster on the fly decompression.
  • moon phase calculation
  • per skin zoom and watchmaker tags backup (so that you can retrieve your skin changes). Reset Skin erase this skin backup (go back to clean skin)
  • tuned UI for skin / location settings. Some font sizes are corrected.
  • high contrast notification (touch notification icon one more time to switch to this mode)
  • gallery skin choice by name or date
  • live heart rate monitoring update (toggle on the double tap dialog box)
  • integrated calculator and chronometer apps after app launcher with left swipe
  • support Marco set skin command
  • support icon package in launcher part.
  • always on mode.

How to install the Launcher :

  • transfer the APK on your watch, then install the APK
  • activate the correct authorisations requested by the app
  • push the power button to force the Launcher choice window : select the launcher and “Always”.
  • better to reboot the watch in order to disable the system launcher… 


Version 3.4 :

Version 3.2.2 :

Version 3.2.1 :

Version 3.2 :

Version 3.1 :

Version 3.0 :

privacy_policy.pdf (137.8 KB)


The old topic was getting a little too long…

New in version 3.1 :

  • faster ZIP and watchmaker skins load time
  • support of the arraytype for animations
  • “sort by date” : will show the last used skins first

I saw another one posting this, bit can’t find it.
Apparently sometimes UL doesn’t startup the widgets completely, so they only draw part of their interface, like Watch Droid in this example.
All my widgets hang, not only this one.
Sometimes restart of UL solves it, but not every time.
Did anyone figure out how to avoid this ?

Sometimes the Prime asks during boot, which launcher to use. I choose Watch skin and Always, but still it will ask again on one of the next boot. Since I choose Always, I don’t understand why it would ask again ?

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We posted at the same time, same issue with me. Can you try to change watch faces and see if you can scroll all the way to the end of them? I’m getting kicked out of the menu option after about 11 faces in.

Installed new 3.1 version. Now getting:

  1. Constant requests to choose “WatchClockSkin” as “Just once” or “Aways” vs. “MainActivity” option. It says this almost every time I go back to the time screen.

  2. When I try to choose another watch face, as I scroll through the faces to about the 11th face, the screen will go blank and default to the last face I had (i.e. it will not let me change them anymore).

I got that behavior off and on 3.0 but it went away after a few days. with 3.1 I only get a “+” where my widgets used to be. I can’t seem to uninstall or re- install them.

Make sure that UL is disabled in battery saver.

  1. that’s not normal. You need to choose always only one time. Or something is killing the app as @G1NT0N1C is suggesting.
  2. if you swipe too fast, you will trigger the back function that will close the skin select window.
  1. Indeed, the upgrade had removed WatchClockSkin from background cleaner. Also it was no longer excluded from battery optimization…
    Does it need both ?

Yes a launcher needs not to be killed.

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Are there other settings/permissions we need to give it in the OS ? Will every upgrade remove these permissions ?

Of course there is the Startapp, where it needs to be default. Any other ?

No, all needed permission are required at startup only once. The issue here is that the new OS versions automatically remove the app from the battery cleaner protection when updating… It looks more like an OS bug.

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Is there a way to connect watchmaker to universal launcher .I have kospet optimus pro and it is not connecting

No, there’s no connection between both.

But it doesn’t ask me, so this is why I am asking what to manually set or make sure that they are set. But if is those mentioned in my post above, I’ve got them :ok_hand:

Rebooting the launcher fixed the widget issue for me. I already had changes made in battery optimization, battery saver and background cleaner.

But it did not fix the watch face loading issues. It will still not allow me to scroll past 10 watch faces. On the 11th face, no matter which face I put there, it blacks out and goes back to the home face screen.

Could this be a RAM issue ? Which watch do you have ?
I see I have had a bit much fun on my Prime, I’ve got 33 watch faces, without that scrolling past nr. 10 issue…

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I have the 32/3 Prime (Average memory use for WatchClockSkin is 119 Mbs.) I have about 25 watch faces. With UL 3.0 I had no problem scrolling and loading any of them. This just popped up with 3.1.

It has me baffled!