Genesis Firmware and discussion - updated FW added to the folder

So - here is the firmware (as of today) for the Genesis.
Today I have uploaded a “newer version” of firmware for the Genesis.
Unfortunately it is not very new :frowning:
But was all I could get.
As a bonus I have included TWRP and patched boot for those interested.
There was no change log and in-fact no details at all with this one and after flashing I don’t see any real difference to note.

As, or if new versions become available I will post them here

Inside this folder are:
a) the drivers for MTK Flash Tool - auto install for easy use.
b) the latest firmware
c) 7zip extraction tool
d) latest MTK SP Flash Tool

Flashing is not as difficult as people think - once the MTK driver is installed.
These details assume you have a Windows PC/Laptop. If you have a MAC I cannot support it.
Linux is possible but you will need to find the drivers and flash tool - it’s recommended to use Windows.

To install the driver you just extract the file and run as administrator and reboot your PC.
Watch should be well charged and powered off and USB cable connected (at the watch end) to the dock or the watch - depending which way you choose - see below.

Extract the firmware to a folder you can create on your desktop.
Extract the flash tool to your desktop. It’s a self contained app in it’s own folder and the .exe file is in this folder you extracted. Jut run it from there.

Open the flash tool and a widow will pop up saying there is no scatter file. Don’t worry - this is normal. Dismiss the warning and use the scatter file browse button to browse to the firmware IMAGE folder which is in your extracted firmware folder. Select the scatter file.

Now the firmware will load into the flash tool.
Select “firmware upgrade” option in the flash tool (do NOT select format all + download!!).

Once all this is done you click the download button in Flash Tool and connect the other end of your USB cable to your PCs USB port - flash will start immediately.

You MUST NOT disturb the watch or dock while flashing!! This can cause permanent damage if you disturb it and flashing is interrupted.

To be honest - I use the regular USB cable (that Jason has included in the box) and connect to the back of the watch directly. Just in-case there is any vibration or anything that could interrupt the flashing process.

It will complete fairly quickly. You will see yellow progress bars as each partition is being flashed.
At the end you will see a message saying “Complete”

Close this message and then disconnect your watch and boot it up by pressing the power button.
First boot after flashing takes a while. Around 5 minutes.

I will add a video link soon but if you are worried at all - just search the web “flash MTK device using SP flash tool” or check out our channel on YT.
Just ignore installing drivers because the one I have supplied in the folder is a one click installation.




i have a samsung note 10+ and when i get a call i dont get any notificatiom on the watch while its thetered by bluethoot…i get all other notification but not for call …i beleive i should be able to accept or decline the call and use my phone for conversation but nothing happen canni get help please

You are using the inbuild assistant app, I guess? Watchdroid is much better. You might read this:

There is also a trick to reject or take calls, you’ll need another phone app on your mobile. It’s all mentioned in the linked post.


what is new in this rom? changelog?
any chance to set it up for OTA update on the watch?

This is the firmware that is already on the watch.
Nothing new but it is here in case it is needed.
Any updates will be posted here.

No, you can’t use your phone to accept calls from your note and use it for conversation.
No Android 7.1.1 watch can do this.

You can access notifications but not use the BT connection for phone calls.

Just curious, what made you think that this would be possible?

This is a full Android phone watch.
It is exactly like your note 10 or any other Android phone.
@SmartWatchTicks has never said that this is possible in his videos either so I wonder why you thought it would be able to do this?

The information posted by @G1NT0N1C allows you to reply to message notifications…

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I have been using the phone for 4 days in full standalone mode. Just like my Samsung s10. But some apps do not work on the watch like they do on a smartphone. I like the watch but one thing I have noticed. It eats battery .
Last night I put it in airplane mode when I went to bed. It had 60 percent and when I woke up 7 hours later it was totally DEAD. So looking into WHY that is.

I understand that.
My advice is to make sure that you enable Airplane mode at night.
My usage pattern for the Genesis was to use it throughout the day and put it in the charge dock at night. Maybe your Note can be on during this time but most people don’t want to be disturbed when they sleep.
It is advisable to make sure that you use the dock when you see 20 - 15% battery left on the watch.
Always keep the dock charged or use the power bank on the ear buds.
Just a routine that you have to work out to suit your needs.

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Thanks for the reply .
The point I am trying to make is, in airplane mode all Data. BT, are turned off.
So why did it drain 60 percent to ZERO in 7 hours with screen off?

My apologies if I have misunderstanding you.
I thought you might be expecting to use the watch for making or receiving calls from your Android phone.

@G1NT0N1C advice is correct.

Because the system still uses power even in Airplane mode.
The battery - it still needs training.
Li batteries require training.
You can find information about this on the Web.
My advice still stands though.

is the battery saver activated? if you have exempted certain apps (or even all) from saving energy, they may run in the background and consume energy. The battery statistics provide a good indication of possible problems. However, this only shows data if the battery has not been completely drained.


Yes I am aware of that and I am NOT a novice with smartphones and Android and LI batteries. I have owned every Galaxy since inception and have rooted and installed many Custom ROMS. I also understand that Lion batteries need ‘‘breaking in’’ time.
I have gotten ‘‘WhatsApp’’ to work on this watch which didn’t work with my Samsung Gear S watch which I still consider to be the best DESIGN of any smartwatch. Too bad they didn’t update the internals of that watch.
I only use this watch in full STANDALONE mode because I have unlimited 4G Sim contract. and my S10+ (not a NOTE) also has that. 2 completely independent devices. The reason I got this watch is when out biking I don’t need to carry my Smartphone. The health apps I am not interested in . So I didn’t install WiiWatch2.
My bank app will not install on this Watch.

No, banking apps will not install on this or any other Android Watch.

This is because they are black listed by Google and will not meet the security requirements .

I’m sorry about my previous reply and you are obviously an experienced user.

So you will know this stuff.


I personally have activated “3g prefer”, this saves a lot of energy. I also recommend disabling the automatic Google updates and instead manually updating them from time to time.
Since you are familiar with the matter, I recommend taking some time to determine the optimal personal settings. Since neither uses his watch differently, there cannot be a generally valid perfect setup.


Thanks for the info … will check into Battery Saver and inventory which apps are running in background

I think I am expecting too much from this device with relatively small battery, Will use just for making calls and receiving and whatsapp while out an about on my bike.

I also noticed that using MAPS and OPEN RIDER app which uses GPS consumes lots of power. So will only use in emergency and carry the dock in my backpack.

Yes, anything that uses comms is going to drain battery.
Just remember that mobile phones have a very large capacity and still have issues.

However, I found that starting each day with a full battery and dock fully charged in my pocket - I can easily get through the day.

But everyone is different of course. :+1:

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I think the runtime will improve after a few days and with optimized settings. But will you get 2 days of usage if heavily used with GPS and mobile data? A decided no. But you should come through the day.


Maybe have a look at this forum in more depth and see what people are using as settings to get better results for battery life.

I sometimes use adb from my pc to observe where the processes are.
I guess it depends on how far you want to go.