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Watch Droid was developed to improve some features that I did not find in my first smartwatch, after 1 year of dedicating part of my free time to improve it I shared it in Play Store for those people who had the same problem as me, luckily it was very well accepted and many users started to download it and help in the development, both with translations, tests, ideas or improvements.
A time has come when I answer many emails trying to help all the users I can, unfortunately in many cases I can not give the correct support for the number of Android smartwatch models that are on the market. That is why I created this thread where I will try to give as much information as possible and you can contribute your opinions, suggestions and help.

How does it work:
Install “Watch Droid Phone” on your phone.

Install “Watch Droid Assistent” on the smartwatch.

Verify that both devices have bluetooth enabled.
Login to “Watch Droid Phone” and follow the steps of the assistant in configuration

After giving permission for the management of phone notifications and selecting the applications that you want to control, you can answer them from the smartwatch.
In the options of the phone application you will have the possibility to modify your predefined answers, delete or add.
If the notification has the possibility of being answered, the button will appear to be able to select one of your predetermined answers, keyboard or voice dictation (if the smartwatch has the possibility).

Multimedia notifications:
When you receive a voice message, an image or an attached video you will have the possibility to reproduce it in the smartwatch. For now only compatible with WhatsApp.

In the music option you can:

  • Open the default player of your phone.
  • Skip the topic, pause or play it.
  • Raise or lower the multimedia volume of the phone.

Share files:

  • Select the file to send.
  • Select the location on your smartwatch.
  • Send your file.

Camera control:
*Take a picture

  • Retard 3 sec
  • Change from back to front camera back to front camera

This application can really change your life.
Welcome Here @lumaticsoft


The best app for smartwatchs


Thank you very much Eric. Great new home, people like you and Pablo11 help me keep developing Watch Droid


This app is really great !
I only have a couple tiny problems with it :

  • When I’m playing some music on my phone, I’d like the title of the music to be present on the “Music” page of the app (not just the toast message) and maybe have the cover art in the background :slight_smile: In my mind there would be a screen with the transport controls and a second screen a swipe away with the volume controls, the track title and the cover art in the background.

  • It may be because of MIUI’s permission system but I can’t receive the majority of the notifications (I have selected all the apps I want notifications from in the Smartphone client but it’s still the same) after I’m upgrading to LineageOS I’ll update on the matter :wink:

But appart from those nit picks the app is really great and reliable ! Awesome job man !

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Best App for WhatsApp Messages!

If it is working with mobile data also, than it’s better than wear OS!
Hope this Feature will come some day



This app is the best, thanks for make it.

I just have a question, I can’t receive the call notifications, this app didn’t have this option?

Best Regards


Unfortunately, until version 9.1, which had permissions on telephone functions, I could only reject the call. Due to the new security policies imposed by Play Store, these functions were eliminated.
I have tried to give some call alert function by capturing them from the notification bar, but depending on how the notification is created, it may or may not work correctly. According to the application that handles the phone, I have had good results with:

Also, if the call action is in the call notification, the audio will never be transmitted to the smartwatch.
Usually devices that are prepared for this will not need any extra application, check this thread that may help you in your problem:

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Thank you.
I’m thinking about modifying the music control screen. This was the first thing I did about the project, maybe it’s time to improve it. It would be a good idea to put the basic background and controls.

Problems with notifications
In some models of phones, Android or some application of optimization of memory or battery eliminates the service of notifications and it is not lifted again for that reason from version 9 I have implemented the option of “Service of notifications” with a celestial icon. By entering this option you can determine if it is up and answering requests, in addition to being able to send test notifications, verify if it has an active filter or because the notification is not sent.
What happens when you enter this option?
If you can not make the service activate, restart your phone and re-enter.

Thanks, at first it is complex that it can be used with mobile data by the way it was designed, but I hope at some point to have the time to improve this.

Thanks for the help me, I will try your tips :wink:


Hi! Great app but with a major issue, many users have complained about when turning the wrist to see the time the app keeps popping up. Do we have a tip one how to disable this? I also disabled from the setting the third option as many suggested but still. please fix this

I read your comment on Play Store, thanks for contacting here:
I have not had reports of what you say, nor do I know where many users have said of this problem.
In the first versions Watch Droid had an option to “Start turning on the screen”, but I deleted it because it brought me many problems with the users.
Since I have implemented the possibility of using Widget, this option does not exist anymore and I have not received any email notifying you that what you are saying will happen.
Some users have told me that they put Watch Droid as a launcher application and this is the one that executes it when the screen turns on, verify that it is not this.
If the behavior persists, uninstall Watch Droid from both the phone and smartwatch and reinstall the latest version.
If you are a Premium user, verify that you are using the same account in the Play Store that when you made the purchase and reinstalled in your phone, when you log in you must automatically change to a Premium user and it will have the same characteristics as before.

Any way to control the watch camera from phone?

I have designed Watch Droid to handle phone functions from the smartwatch, music control, camera control, etc. Unfortunately I do not plan to perform functions that control the smartwatch from the phone.

Today I recived the Kospet optimus.
How we known the watch has the long stanby function like the lemfo lem9 but the problem is that the notifications will shows only with wiiwatch2 and… I really hate it.
So my question is. We would wait a new function to work with the long standby mode for these new watches?
I really love your app and I would love to see this, I think that it will be a new opportunity to increase the suscriptions for pro and make that Watch Droid will be the default app

Finally going back to android went to T- mobile and i am happy, great application really thanks for to make this happen and have your app beside WiiWatch( no reliable).
I am using version 9 just for the SMS replay works as suppose to work even with voice:+1:, but its normal that disconnect and connect like more the 15 times a day went i using the phone, i just did the battery optimization off in both devices, like the IU interface customization .
great job.
i hope for more feature like Vysor or wireless keyboard and mouse for to get on those things that the display cant show.
change the watch face and other things

Thank you for your comment, it would be great that Watch Droid will work in this new battery saving mode, unfortunately I do not think this will happen, although I do not have precise data on how it works, I see it difficult for this to be possible.

I am in love with your app and definitely Android with Android works the best,right now i dont get to much disconnections maybe 2 or 3 a day, definitely Lemfo,Zeblaze and King wear they should hire you and it would be better the app to be part of system app meaning in the device kernel firmware.
good job