Universal Wear Watch Face

For those, not willing to install the Universal Launcher, i’ve tweaked my Live Wallpaper to make it compatible with the stock launcher of some recent watches.
So all Universal Launcher skins are compatible and also watchmaker ones.
Note that the counters will not get updated as there’s no communication with the launcher…

Note that you need to hit the setting icon to authorize the access and choose another face than the default one.

Don’t forget to go in the “background cleaner” setting to unselect this app, otherwise you’ll get a black screen after watch wake up…

BETA version here for you to test :

Video Tutorial here : https://youtu.be/uEDdJNk2XPg

Let me know what you think.


Can you please tell how we can install watchmaker faces in Stock launcher?


Just drop the .watch in the clockskin directory as usual with UL.

You said .Watch files are supported by stock launcher right?I have .watch files in clockskin folder but the stock launcher doesn’t detect it

he didn’t say stock launcher supported .watch files :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Eric, been testing it out with a couple of my WatchMaker faces I made for the Galaxy watches and they are working on the LEMT, though not scaling to fit the screen fully. Thanks for the mention about disabling the app in the Background Cleaner as I was getting a black face when the screen went off and came back on. Will do some more testing on other platforms as well as time permits. --Mr. Ticks


I’m using a version where i’ve forced the full screen. I will share it soon.
If you test on a kospet prime, then it will be full size with this current version.

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I have a simple face that shows the time in three text lines, like “Five Thirty Seven”. It’s not handling the ten’s properly so it shows as “Five Three Seven”. Have you experienced that problem in mapping the tens value of time properly for text? I design in WatchMaker and display on a Gear S3 Classic normally.

Also, I noticed that where I have active buttons on some of my faces, the associated item dims for a couple of seconds and then returns to full bright. I presume it’s attempting to execute the touch action but nothing happens. Didn’t expect it to at this point, but interesting to note the segment dimming response. Just FYI.

Yes Text is what is the most difficult to reproduce in Watchmaker skins strangely. You can give me a link to your face so that i can take a look at it.

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OK, check the folder “WearOS SWT Faces” at TinyURL.com/androidwatches
I put a couple of simple ones in there, one of which is this text time face. Thanks.

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Oh i see, yes probably a small and easy bug to solve… I’ll have a look.

@SmartWatch_Ticks , just added a “*10” and it’s ok.
The download link is still the same.
Correction of this bug and also full screen is forced.

Guess I’m a bit confused Eric. I deleted the original WearWatchFace.apk and redownloaded and installed again from your link above, but I’m getting the same text error on my digital time. I don’t know how to peek inside a .watch file other than to load up my own faces with WatchMaker, but these are the three codes I’m using for the three text lines:

Hour is {dht}
Tens Minute {dmtt}
Individual Minute {dmot}

Are you seeing this codes in the version you’re testing on your end?

Yes those types are correct.

Probably the apk you downloaded was the same than previous, it was.maybe in some Google cache… you should try to download again.

I have modded the official Watchmaker app to work with stock launcher.
So what’s Working?
Everything Except weather. I will share the link after my exam gets over


That’s interesting, you should open a thread for that.


its allowed right to post mods of apps?

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Well, I won’t notice that…:see_no_evil:


I have had trouble with my eyes on and off all day :wink:


Yea, I deleted, rebooted, and reinstalled and it’s now the newer version. It works fine and as expected for the text time .watch file. I also noticed that Al Rod’s LEM10 faces, set for a rectangular size, are auto-adjusting to the square dimensions of the LEM11 screen, so that “forced full screen” is accurately reshaping a rectangle into a square as well. The faces of his that I tried are square in nature, so they look fine. I’m not sure what shape a circle face will render into. I’ll try and find one to test.