Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro

A update will come to fix this issue :+1:

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Hi. Thank you. Alternatively, you can copy contacts from your phone using BlueTooth. Of course, this will risk getting duplicates with multiple copies. Rajiv

Hi. Following up on this issue. Is the technical problem getting the requisite approval for the digital certificates used to authenticate with Google’s servers or something else entirely?

As i said . This issue is already fixed in next update but you will have to be patient

When would it be released for lem 12 Pro?

There is no guarantee it will be . If it does we will let you know

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Thank you. Excellent!

Hi. I am following up with a fix to this issue. I tried the steps below and was successfully able to sync my contacts. The instructions that I have written up below explain the process:

The Android 10 watches do not come with the Google Contact Sync service automatically installed. It must be installed manually. As an extra measure, please also download the Google Contacts app from the Google Play Store. For the complete steps, see below:

(1) Download the Google Contact Sync app for Android 10 from APKMirror or for easier use, you can also use my Google Drive link (your choice).
(2) Install the app and then go to Settings\Apps and Notifications.
(3) Tap on show all apps installed on your device.
(5) Tap on Google Contact Sync, and give it permissions to read your contacts in the permissions area.
(6) Now download Google Contacts from the Play Store,
(7) After Google Contacts gets installed, tap on your Google account. This should now allow your contacts to sync automatically from your Google account.

I hope this is useful to other people.




Good job. Thanks for sharing tjis solution.:handshake:

Works on Prime 2 also. Thanks!


works without step 6 and 7 as well, but for some reason the stock contacts app shows some peoples number two times. There’s also a calendar sync app (don’t know if it will be helpful): Google Calendar Sync 6.0.44-267540251-release (Android 5.0+) APK Download by Google LLC - APKMirror


To get rid of the duplicate contacts you mentioned in this thread, you can browse to, There is an option there to merge duplicates.

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it’s looking fine on there, the problem is only in the stock contacts app

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The contact sync app will not install on my LEM15 either by clicking to install in the watch or using adb install. Here is the message given when using adb install:

Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK: Failed parse during installPackageLI: /data/app/vmdl1427358596.tmp/base.apk (at Binary XML file line #6): Requires development platform S but this is a release platform.]

I can install Contacts from the Play Store and enable contact sync in Google services. It says waiting to sync in the Contacts app :frowning:

So when you log into your google account on watch . Turn on auto sync . Your contacts are appearing after a few minutes ?

Have you also looked at going into contacts and syncing from phone via bluetooth

sounds like you are trying to install the beta version for android 12 (Google Contacts Sync S beta (READ NOTES) (Android S Beta+) APK Download by Google LLC - APKMirror)
you need to install the version for android 10: Google Contacts Sync 10-5771379 (Android 10+) APK Download by Google LLC - APKMirror

btw, have you checked that it is not already installed, you can check with for example:
adb shell "pm list packages | grep sync"


Perfect solution - I had not realised I was installing an apk for Android 9. This solution worked for me and all my contacts are now being synced. Much better that importing and trying to keep things synced manually.

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Wow thanks I’ll try this asap. I’ve been struggling with this contact issue on my Optimus 2 all day

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Thank you for these directions …it worked flawlessly on my Optimus 2 … I sideloaded the Android 10+ sync app apk from my cloud storage and to my phone via cx file explorer with cloud access and as soon as it installed it synced my Contacts to everything… I the loaded the contacts app and the Google phone app and all contacts appeared instantly !! My new Optimus2 is now perfect and Sim card ready… I love this group/forum.


You will soon have a available a custom firmware that fixes these issues on your optimus and lem12 pro . Stay tuned