Lem14:No beep at end of the charging Prozess

I have a Lem 14. After charging there is no notification sound. It only shows the percent of the battery. I already have a few other clocks, but so far everything has given an acoustic signal at the end of the loading process. Can someone help for me? PLEASE HELP! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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Sorry but this is not possible . Thanks

Hello Dear Dr.!
Sorry, what is not possible?:thinking: It works fine with my: Zeblaze thor 5 pro, Kospet Prime, Rollme s08! I’m not a total beginner with different watches. OK! I’m not a programmer, so I can’t understand why it works. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer​:bangbang:

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Well, I haven’t checked, but you might try this app:

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If they ever do a firmware update they may add it back but I think it’s something a lot of people complain about. It drives me crazy thinking I got a message just cause it finished charging

You could turn on the option in watch Droid to have your phone sent a message when it finishes charging so you can tell from there as well


Thank You!

Thank You! Best Regards

Sorry for the late response but i see my answer has been explained :+1:

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Thank You Doktor :+1:

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Hello dear Dr. I have a new question: When will Lemfo lem 14 receive a new system update? Unfortunately there is probably something wrong with the last system. Impossible to sync the contact data with Google contact. I mean it’s not normal. I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work. Or do you have some good advice? Thanks in advance :+1: Best Regards :wink: Stay healthy :crown::mask::crown:

There’s a solution for this problem:
-Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro - #9 by Rajiv_Shah

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Hi Dear G1NTON1C ,
Thanks, i’m trying.:+1::thinking::+1:
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Dear G1NTON1C, Just one more question: probably about when will the new system update for the Lemfo lem14 come? With the ordinary system functions? :thinking::thinking: You know it would be a huge shame for A10. And such a great clock on the shelf does not hold on my hand :sob::sob::sob: Please ask when you have the opportunity. Thanks in advance :+1::+1:Stay healthy :crown::mask::crown: Best Regards :wink: Michel56