Optimus 2 Official support Thread - Updated 26/06/21

same problem for me, but the calendar function is actually two apps for google, essentially one for storage/sync, and another for presentation, i suspect you’ve just downloaded the one for presentation

here is a link to the storage apps on apkmirror: Calendar Storage APKs - APKMirror

i’ve already given it a go with the newer android 10 version, still doesn’t work for me even though i disabled the stock calendar app as well, let us know if you find a solution

can’t get my google contacts to sync either, i’ve moved the sync toggle in the google account settings but it keeps reverting everytime i exit the screen

reckon i’m just going to wait for the FAW firmware


Strange… I also a have a Prime and alays used Google Calendar with no issues…

I also had a problem with the contacts. I could not get the phone app to show the contact names. I deleted all contacts in the phone, then did a fresh import from my “old phone” (kospet prime), using a vcf export. After that, all contacts works fine, but, they only show on the contacts tab in the Googe Phone app. I also have the Google Contacts app and it says it can’t sync.

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yep, that’s exactly what i did, imported a vcf file into the stock app

it’s really frustrating they tinker with the underlying google apps, i prefer to standardise with google across my devices

can’t get my google contacts to sync either, i’ve moved the sync toggle in the google account settings but it keeps reverting everytime i exit the screen

This is an issue with Android 10. Apparently the sync ‘module’ needs to be loaded. See this post.

Hope that helps.

I was able to syncronize my contacts without any problems. Don’t understand that it doesn’t work for some.

There is a post on a thread here that has a link to them google contact sync apps that is missing from the stock A10 build. I followed the instructions and its worked for me.

Here is the link:
-Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro - #9 by Rajiv_Shah

Edit: ok, I just noticed that @good4life already linked to this post. :+1:

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Dont worry . Its working on the International firmware . Stay tuned :+1:


Can you please share the details of this firmware?, Like the major changes/ features list etc. OR it will come as part of release notes?.


@pablo11 Banggood proposed me to send them the watch back and they will refund me…But i want a new watch :roll_eyes: I refused…The thing is that every time they answer me after 2 days of my reply…

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Finally getting around to playing with the camera. That is not a flash. It’s a regular light that comes on when a picture is taken, A real flash is much brighter and much briefer. Still, overall I’m very happy with my O2.

Ok, you need to contact after-sales@kospet.com and show them screen caps of your discussions with Banggood and proof of purchase.
Explain the situation clearly and cc me on the email zappa1.pf@gmail.com so I can check the progress.

my optimus 2 has a gps that works well with google maps, but when it comes to using apps to monitor walks like runtastic it has a very bad fix and accuracy, with absurd tracks even with clear skies. the prime 2, on the other hand, is very precise. who has the same problem?

Try this

Working fine for me on this watch

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Nothing new.
Just some minor bug fixes.

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Will the the new FAW firmware fix the text-to-speech issue? (so that when tapping the keyboard’s mic icon you can verbally speak a text message) :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry - FAW version - yes.
I thought you were asking about stock :slight_smile:
It will be ready soon

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