BUG with Smartwatch

Hi to all,
i have the watch for a few days and i find some bugs like on Prime2:

  1. google calendar not starting
  2. google contacts not sync
  3. Alarm not useful: no title and even if i decide to use no sound only buzz the alarm has the sound and reset my customization
  4. Music app not find music mp3 in Music directory
  5. Universal Launcher: it is impossible to use, every time the system ask for preferred launcher and after few second return to stock one.
  6. App Immuni for Covid: impossibile to finish initial customization

Stay tuned . A update to the firmware will hopefully be available soon :+1:

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As a work around for 1 and 2, take a look at Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro - #9 by Rajiv_Shah

I don’t have an Android 10 watch and just happen to read that this works. Hope it helps.

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