Watch face with Google Assistant or Google voice


1 year ago, I actually saw a Watch face for Kospet Optimus 2 with Google voice search button on it, after searching for it, I was told by manufactuer that it was no longer available, it was 1 year ago,
but now can we still get a watch face with Google voice search or Google assistant button on it?

You can set up a touch zone on any watchface to open any app. Of course, this also works with the google assistant.

thanks for your reply, how to do it? I can add it on any watch face among those I can select directly on the watch?

No, this is not possiblefor stockfaces. However, you can rework any custom face and add a touch zone. You can find instructions for this here:

-A short how-to about arraytype 100


Could you please make such a watch face ? then I will be first to test it out,
thanks a lot

Okay, I will check it out,
by the way, I just found this, someone else already got this watch face with Google assistant

Design for a square screen but should be okay

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Just in case… There are watchfaces with Google Assistant here, look for the “colored” one here : Colored WatchFace
Or “Brushed-steel” My Brushed Steel watch face
These two have a zone with Google Assistant. I am sure there are others.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: