My Brushed Steel watch face


Brushed steel

I played with light angles.

My first face with touchpoints so, of course, I went wild.

  1. Mic is Google Assistant
  2. Gear is Settings
  3. Power settings is battery info
  4. Weather is stock weather
  5. Steps is Google Fit (need app installed)
  6. Heart rate is Heart Fit (need app installed)
  7. Phone is Google phone
  8. Talking phone is Google Voice (need app installed)
  9. WiFi Phone is Viber (need app installed)
  10. Message is Google messaging
  11. Message wit text is Face Book messenger lite (need app installed)
  12. Double Message is Whatsapp (need app installed)
  13. Envelope is G-Mail (need app installed)
  14. Check list is Google tasks (need app installed)
  15. Camera is stock camera
  16. Picture frame is Google Photos (need app installed)
  17. Music note is YouTube (need app installed)
  18. touching middle of date opens Google calendar(Need app installed)
  19. Touching center of face is Light Control (need app installed)

Great first effort :+1: . Thankyou


@Jeffrey_Swarens Let me just 'Touch" on a few points (How did you like that one @Gazman ?! :crazy_face:) The “Brushed steel” design is a great look, simple yet quite effective. But with 19 touch points people are gonna be saying, “What on earth is that guy doing? He’s been standing there jabbing away at his watch for 25 minutes”! :crazy_face: :rofl: Seriously mate, you have taken the “Touch” scenario to the next level! :+1: :+1: Cheers, “What button do I push to close 19 applications”? “The OFF button, Stupid!”, Doons

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You’re unstoppable Doons. You brushed that on off with ease! :rofl:


Thanks! Now I need to add a 20th button launching a macro-droid app to close them all.

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Where can I find the Heart Fit App mentioned in your description?

Its very nice, once of the most embeded linked Dial. I liked it, but finding difficult reading Weather / Steps / Heart Rate etc… Appreciate if you can increase or make more clear text.

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@Jeffrey_Swarens Thank you your watch faces looks great on my Limfo LemX.

Thanks! The extra screen size of the lemX must let the text show better.