Colored WatchFace


My first face project, while I was looking for a project called Experiment, so I did it myself with what I had seen in a review, bringing additional things :

Shortcut: Google Assistant, blood pressure monitor, Weather (click on the weather), Contacts, Steps, alarm clock (click in the center of the orange time), watch settings. The weather and batterie speek french…

Precision: the watchface works perfectly on a KOSPET PRIME without launcher.

Crédits : Experiment Face
Download :


I am mesmerized! Really inventive… :smiley:


there is a problem with the shortcuts, i sent the wrong version, i am correcting this tonight.

EDIT : Fixed

Awesome, thanks, but the download file does Not exist any more,


First project? I’ve been playing with WFD for a year, but I couldn’t do this :slight_smile:

Still my favorite so far. Works fine on my Optimus 2. Thanks Bernard :slight_smile: