Lemfo Lem11 After 4 Weeks

Hi all . Just wanted to share my first impressions with the new Lemfo Lem11 that i have been using for a few weeks now . This is a total game changer for Lemfo as it can be used differently to your standard android 7.1.1 watches . You can use as a smartwatch like any other , you can attach the watch body to the powerbank / speaker and use it like a mobile phone or detach the watch body completely and use as a pocket watch . Pretty cool eh ? . There are two models available . 16gb and 32gb models . I am using the 32gb model for this overview. Here is a small video to show you how you can move the different components around :-

First impressions when taking all the components out of the box is the build quality . It certainly has a premium feel to it . You get a watch body , watch straps with case , power bank and watch only charger . There is no charger for the powerbank although it does use a standard charging cable . All of this comes in a fantastic looking box .
The screen although small is very clear to use and remarkably smooth when navigating through the menus . There is no lag at all . All of the standard apps are present and working well . One good thing to note is that i got a strong connection from wifi , bluetooth and gps . For me the gps is really important as a keen runner . This was even quicker and more stable than the Lemfo Lem10 which had been my best to date . There is also a heart rate monitor that worked great with no issues .
The powerbank / speaker gave mixed results depending on the quality of the music files downloaded to the watch as you would expect . A great idea if you like to play music without a headset . All worked as it should with no issues . You can simply access your music in the watch and when the watch is inserted into the powerbank it plays through the speaker .
I have done my usual battery test consisting of the following โ€“

Connected to phone via watchdroid with bluetooth on
Sim inserted with 3g
Pedometer off
Raise on
Google sync off
Battery saver on
Gps on
Wifi off
Brightness full

Results :-

Smartwatch โ€“ 19.5hrs
Powerbank / Watch inserted โ€“ 35hrs

During the time of testing i read and responded to a lot of notifications , made a few quick calls . Not heavy use .
I appreciate everyone uses there watches differently and this wont apply to all but overall the battery performance is great .
Overall a new concept from Lemfo and certainly worth a look if these new options are what you are looking for .
When setting up your Lemfo Lem11 i would suggest using Vysor on your Pc or Mac . This makes things much easier and faster . Here is the windows download โ€“

Here is the mac download โ€“

Lastly i have a made a watchface for the Lem11 which will help in using โ€œ google assistant โ€œ . Make sure google assistant is installed in the watch for this to work . Then install the watchface and touch the google assistant icon to automatically open the app for voice commands etc . Here is the download โ€“


Feel free to ask any questions



Great review thank you. Do you have any experience using it as a hotspot and how long that lasts?

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Thankyou . Appreciated . Unfortunately i have not tested as a hotspot . I would imagine like all these watches connected to 4g for hours on end would make it pretty hot .

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just pulled the plug on this, will let you know how it works out for the hotspot, very hard to get info on that feature. Thanks.

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu isnโ€™t it much thicker than Lemfo LEM 10? Iโ€™ve to wear it the whole day because itโ€™s then a medical device for me.
I agree with you regarding the fantastic bluetooth connection of LEM 10, if itโ€™s still better itโ€™s really not a disadvantage.

Hi . Yes it is thicker than the Lem10 due to snap on strap - case . Thanks

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How did you make the watchface ?

A program called " watch face designer " . Its fantastic . Its available free on this forum with a whole load of information as well