New LEM10 v1.1 (3/32) Firmware 2020-07-15 (July)

LEMFO DM20 LEM10 v1.1 available.

See our YouTube channel for how to install drivers and flash guide.
Download latest v.1.1(as of aug 2020) FW from here:

New version v0.9 here:
Unfortunately no change log and there is still work to do. A new version is being worked on yet again to fix text sizing on-screen…

Older v0.8 version here

Improved touch screen response.


first try I got error on the screen after reboot. Watch still booted normally to previous version already installed. Get flashtool and document from this page… Make sure you are registered (free)

scatter text file not valid error can be fixed if you remove “(3+32)” in the folder name…
I saw this solution in the official .doc file AFTER I spent some time figuring it out myself… a good case of rtfm

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Running now successfully v.0.3 of the firmware. Will post any findings here.

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu @pablo11 heart rate sensor is now probably working. I tried running up a few stairs and pulse shot up to 110 bpm, stopped moving and pulse went down. This didn’t happen with original firmware. ! I will test on a longer run tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::partying_face::partying_face:

Not a bad birthday gift!

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I will release a newer version soon
Lemfo do not have it yet but I will be able to post it anyway.
Just keep an eye on this thread

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Thanks for the tip about editing the folder name. Updated firmware.

Looks like wifi connection improved . Touch may have improved a bit. Feels like it on the keyboard but did not test much with other apps

Bluetooth connection issue stays the same. No improvement.

Did not test heart rate monitor.

It sucks but the LEM 10 is going back to China.

I’m wondering if the Bluetooth problem is due to the receiver? I have Jabra active 65t, which do not skip a single beat. What headphones,/true wireless buds do you use?

Plantronics Backbeat 2100, Jabra Elite Active 45E, Anker Soundcore Spiri tX, Sony WI-SP600N, Bose Soundwear, Bose Quietcomfort II, MPOW Flame and DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker.

Can’t be the headphones at this point. No issue on the Gear S2 or the Note 9 .

Aliexpress has a review mentioning similar Bluetooth issue. Buyer from Brazil. May be a bad batch/hardware issue.

4pda also has some talk of weak Bluetooth.

ok then it’s not the devices, it’s the watch, too bad. We have a thread about LEM10, maybe we should use that one and leave this thread to this firmware :slight_smile:

it sounds awesome! Will you be providing change log? they never disclose that info lol

When does new firmware appear for over the air (OTA) update in the Wireless Update setting of About Watch itself? I don’t recall this ever working on any of my watches so I’m just curious about when this usually occurs after firmware releases.

Ota worked on my thor pro 3g. Oh well.

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OTA has worked on every watch i have had ?

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So, any idea when? If they’re posting this firmware on the official site, when’ll it be available on OTA? Right now it’s saying up to date already and that’s with 20190830 fw.

Flashing the rom took 5 minutes but please do backup of your files as you will lose everything. Also, OTA are always available some time after the firmware is released. Sorry, but you would need to contact lemfo themselves to get a time frame. @jayinatlanta

No worries, i was just responding to your query. I have a thread with video about the Bluetooth issue anyway.

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OTA works fine on all these watches including the LEM10.
Basically, if you haven’t had one it means that any improvements etc in later firmware have not been important enough to warrant an OTA.


Thanks, that’s interesting about “not important enough” and it may explain why my other watches didn’t get updates before I bit the bullet and took the incremental firmware via flash tool.
Would like these somewhat incremental improvements in this firmware like what george said about improved keyboard touch and improved wifi, both of my issues, but really wanted to try via OTA update for once.

What I mean is - if the watch functionality is bad they will release an OTA. Fixing serious problems.

Other non critical firmware updates will be flashable updates and I will do my best to get them as soon as I can.


@pablo11 hey so what’s up with the new, special firmware for LEM10? any news?

I’m waiting.
As as get it I will publish it.