New LEM10 v1.1 (3/32) Firmware 2020-07-15 (July)

Ok, looks like the fix for the touch screen is finally available so firmware is building now.
When it’s done I will upload it.


this is great news! thanks for the heads up :wink: ask if they can bump up the heart rate sensing up in priority.
also check if the audio can be heard evenly at lower than 50% volume. unless my watch is a dud.

Checked mine and no sound issues mate ?

maybe I need to return mine for a working one, I did manage to revive the thor pro 3g using a sliced USB cable that I could use meanwhile.

The audio sounds like a badly configured compressor/normalizer/expander/gate


lol - nice charger fix :slight_smile:
Anyway - at least the new firmware is ready.
Touch response is improved but I think more needs to be done - IMO.



By the way, it is recognized that the waterproofing has smothered the speaker.

Obviously you will void your warranty but it is suggested that you remove the rear cover and inspect the speaker area. Feedback is that if the waterproofing is modified, the sound is fine.

My sample did not have this issue but I can see that some have.


Thanks! I will definately flash the watch today :slight_smile: good job on providing us with the FW.

Regarding audio, at 50% volume while watching movies only audio with enough intensity gets really loud and the rest very muted. Listening to two persons speak in a car scene I can’t really hear well what they say but when they slam the door shut. it’s really really loud. With music it tends to sound ok because of the loudness of sound wave always at peak

I remember I had an iPhone with this problem until they released a fix.

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Hi all. I’ve just downloaded this latest v0.8 LEM10 firmware version. In the file name it is not specified that is for 3/32, can someone please confirm that it really is for 3/32, because that’s my LEM10 configuration.

Also, in upgrade tutorial, the first thing is installation of drivers. Can someone please provide download link for LEM10 drivers? I mean, I have already connecting my LEM10 to my WIN 10 PC and file transfer works just fine, so I am not sure do I really need any other drivers to make firmware update?

Many thanks in advance :wink:

It is for the 32gb . I have used it . Also use this

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Thanks Tim, your file contains all I need :+1:

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Your welcome . Be carefull :+1:

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Can this firmware be flash on 1/16 LEm10 I wonder? Cannot find the firmware in the support page

Hi, Thanks for your hard work on this… I have Lemfo 10 (square) 3gb ram / 32gb . Can I flash this file with this model watch?

I’m currently in
Security Patch : May 5 , 2018
Baseband version : MOLY.LR12A.R2.MP.V5.23P10
Kernel version : 4.4.22
Build number : DM20_LEM10_3224_V0.3_20190919

Hi . Yes you can . Works fine :+1:


I found that the LEM10 Launcher consumes a lot of cpu/power when it is in the App view and App titles are scrolling below the icons. When titles are short it doesn’t happen. Checked with the “top” command from adb shell. Not a big deal but could be better.

Thanks for Reply :blush:
Is it possible to flash WearOS in Lemfo 10?

No. I also don’t know why you should do this to this watch.

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Even if I disconnect the charger… Why my Charge is

always showing…

Thats just the design of this clockskin . Mine is the same


No, not possible.