Some pretty bad watches are starting to flood the market - Please Read!

Hi all,

I think it is time I posted this warning about some really crap stuff going on in the Android watch world at the moment.
There are some watch main boards being used in new watches that are completely rogue and unsupportable.
Some are made by insolvent companies and some are made using a Unisisoc SpreadTrum based board.
The annoying thing is that they look and seem to be great - but that is the power of marketing as we all know.
1) Firstly we have the Helio A22 m6761 devices running Android 9.
These are generally large 4gb + 64gb devices in a LEM T type body (model S999) or a slightly larger version of the LEM10 (model DM29)
There is NO support for these at all. They are what I call “sold as seen” devices as there is no way to get any help with them.
They generally have a UI that is very similar to a BT tethering sports watch.
They cannot use custom watch faces and battery life is miserable.
Google apps are badly implemented and quite often do not work as expected.
This is an example from Lokmat

2) The Spreadtrum Unisoc devices are coming but not generally available yet.
These are devices made by a company that has basically stolen all the work done by the company that we have all been used to over the years.
That’s why all the watches we usually see here have a similar UI - all the main boards and firmware is made by one company that we have a very good relationship with.
They are very good and make the fixes needed that are reported here.
Sadly this “new” solution provider has cloned the work we have spent years on improving - bit by bit.
So far I have only seen an Android 8.1 Go model nicknamed X300 - but there will be more.
Also unsupportable and also cannot use custom watch faces of any kind - like the one I mentioned above.

It is important to let you know that we WILL NOT BE HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE DEVICES !!
If you buy them - we cannot and will not be able to help you.
We feel so angered by this situation that we don’t even want them discussed here.
Why is this? you may ask - surely that is over the top?
Well the bottom line is this:
The A22 Android 9 4+64 watch boards were made in huge quantity by a mobile phone company that went bankrupt.
They sold them so cheaply that many watch brands thought “wow amazing :slight_smile:
But not only were they extremely cheap for the brands to buy - the brands selling them are charging full price for them - in most cases more then normal pricing.
But the worst thing is that there is no recourse apart from returning the device - for the customers.
Feedback from one S999 customer:

And from JingTider S999 2.88 INCH 4G Smart Watch MTK6761 Quad Core 4GB 64GB 5.0MP+13.0MP Dual Cameras Smartwatch 2300mAh Battery GPS WIFI|Smart Watches| - AliExpress

So as a team we have decided that due to the bad firmware, unable to report to the solution provider and general total lack of support - we will not have them here at all.
Unless a miracle happens it’s just not happening.
Almost everyone I know who has purchased one has returned it.
Sorry but we want you to know before you enter the honey trap.