Official Support thread for LEM14

Well, in that case it really looks like you’re up Shxt Creek :pensive:
I have no idea why it’s working fine for me and not for you… Engineer Mode I mean.

I’m stumped?

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Hi everyone,

i had the latest Raw File RC1 on my notebook, but it was deleted by my son :slight_smile: Can someone provide me with this file to install the custom rom on my Lem 14 please. Regards

You can find it in the download area.


@G1NT0N1C he’s only a level 1 user.

@mafri you have been a member since September last year but you have only posted 7 times. This means that your membership level is 1 (basic user).

Recently we had to restrict access to the firmware to level 2 members and above.
This is because people were just signing up, downloading the firmware and then their watch would get messed up because they didn’t know what they were doing, or they just disappear…

I would encourage you to have a look around, read more topics and post comments or questions.
You will reach level 2 very quickly if you want to.


Wich is the best firmware for this watch?I observed a lot of problems on original firmware.I understand it is a custom firmware too.The hardware is very powerfull,but …

@ionutlup have a look around the forum


Yes ,thks.But I cant download! And cant reach Level 2,because in all threads about Lem14,last post is older than 14 days,except my post.Seems to be abandoned.I read all.I am an older Android user and I know enough to flash my watch,my phone or android media player.

Last stable one,please!

I read the threads from almost a month,from the momment i buyed that Lem14 watch .

You do not need to be posting in just one thread to increase your membership level.

You can post anywhere in the forum and it will count.
Why not go to the FAW firmware thread and ask a few questions?
You should be able to do that and find out what is required to use the firmware…
Does this make sense?

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Thanks,alredy read all ,i saw the youtube.

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Trust Level 2 – Member

Members keep coming back to your community over a series of weeks; they have not only read, but actively participated long and consistently enough to be trusted with full citizenship.

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
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  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

This is not too hard, I guess. To make it easyer, I gave you a like… :wink:


Thanks very much @G1NT0N1C
Well done :+1:

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Thank you so much i am searching for it