Official Support thread for LEM14

Hi all,
There’s no need for me to go into details because everyone pretty much knows about this model now :slight_smile:
The main thing is - now the controversy is over - we have the official (real and direct from Lemfo) images and specs and firmware.

Latest firmware:


Hey. I just received my LEM14. Thought I’d share some pics. Will report on functionality moving forward…


Congrats mate … hope it goes well!

Awesome. I have one in the mail from Banggood. Hopefully arrives soon. Let us know what quirks or cool things you discover. It looks good.

Here’s the Prime 2 with LEM14.

I’m testing the 14 and will report back.

So far so good, it turned on and works!! LOL


I don’t see any reason why it would not be a decent watch.
I look forward to hearing what you think :+1:

Where did you source the extra battery charging dock from?

I thought it was supplied?
If not then it will be from the Rollme S08

OK thank you. I am getting mine from BG and not sure if it’s included, we’ll see. The OP’s included pic has LEM 14 stamped on the brick. Thank you for the Rollme S08 tip!

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Yes I noticed that too.
Mr Ticks confirmed that the S08 dock works. :+1:

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MAN O MAN you guys are cool! TY!

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In for replies!

Got mine coming from BG and I’m stupidly exited. My first full android smart watch.

Keep the pics and info coming!


If we do support this model - we will open a support section for everyone.
We just have to wait and see what happens :+1:

I’m pretty sure the extra dock comes with.


I received mine yesterday. It does come with a dock. The FW has problems with contact sync though. Need to use 3rd party contacts apps in order to sync with Google.


Yes. Same as the other Android 10 devices.
Bluetooth is the best way to deal with it.

Hey. Yep, battery pack charger comes with. No contacts issues, I use Outlook, sync all okay.


Congrats on the fast arrival of the watch

Battery pack is nice surprise

I guess the extra watch bands comes in the box as well?

Keep pictures and feedbacks comming …

Its my first android watch to order and i l very eager to see and learn more

Hey. FYI. The screws on the rear SIM cover are very small. The provided screwdriver was not ‘strong’ enough to remove the screws, it sort of broke… use a good quality correct size screwdriver to remove. Be careful when removing them. Make sure you loosen them all equal at the same time. Try also not so touch the o-ring water seal. When putting the cover back on make sure you position the cover correctly and hold the cover in place with a finger while you screw each screw with equal force and at the same time to ensure the cover is fitted evenly and correctly.


Me too! :stuck_out_tongue: