Official Support thread for LEM14

We say … Sisyphus is dripping with saliva for ideas like this. :wink:

This is the answer I need. Thanks, Bro!

This is the exact difference between an engineer and a non-engineer! I need to know the exact cause of the problem before doing “open heart surgery”.

By then, the non-engineer has long since done the job. And he started his weekend with a friendly wave. :grin:

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After uninstalling a third-party file manager, associations disappeared. (There was only one original file manager left in the system) Installation of third-party software caused the system to request associations, which made it possible to select an application for working with files.

Thanks everyone!

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Hello, to hom it may concern, I can confirm sony’s LDAC 990kbs bluetooth sound codec connection with Sony WH-1000XM4 headphone on lem14 and lem15.