International Firmware Beta [V1.3] (Optimus2, Prime2, LEM12Pro, LEM14, LEM15)

Please note that the recovery certificate has been changed to allow upgrades from the default firmware to all FAW versions. All new builds also including a factory reset on upgrade.

Changelog for V1.3-Beta4:

  • Added factory reset on local upgrade.
  • Adjusted weather layout for metric and imperial setting.
  • Replaced moon phases component, it is now provided by the weather host.
  • Various launcher fixes and adjustments.

Known issues:

  • The notification system is not finished yet.

Links removed until further notice

Previous changelog for V1.3

Changelog for V1.3-B3:

  • Fixed several potential leak and null pointer issues on the launcher.
  • Fixed various smaller problems introduced on the previous build.
  • Rework of various critical components, more code restructuring and cleanup on the launcher.
  • Updated weather code and layout.

Changelog for V1.3-B2:

  • Adjusted maximum charging current for third party chargers to 650mA.
  • Fixed and adjusted large parts of the online code.
  • Fixed and adjusted large parts of the notification code.
  • Fixed some small layout issues on the weather.
  • Removed the launcher integration of the external fitness app, the app itself is still accessible.

Changelog for V1.3-B1:

  • Added zip file support for clockskins.
  • Added a new menu for the step settings.
  • Changed the phone calling dialog to be fullscreen by default.
  • Remade the step tracking application, this was previously handled by an external legacy service.
  • Remade the weather application which is now part of the launcher, this also includes several fixes and quality of life improvements.
  • Removed and cleaned up significant amounts of legacy and unused code on the launcher.
  • Restructured and consolidated the watchface engine code.
  • Various smaller fixes.
Previous changelog for V1.2

Changelog for V1.2-B6:

  • Added volume control to sound toggle quicksetting (long button press).
  • Adjusted wrist gesture orientation.
  • Fixed a problem with the heartrate application timeout counter.
  • Updated the launcher overview and transition settings menu (long touch press on the app drawer).
  • Various smaller adjustments and fixes.

Changelog for V1.2-B5:

  • Added various smaller changes and fixes.
  • Adjusted layout for camera application.
  • Adjusted layout for various system dialogs/messages.
  • Fixed an issue with the launcher notification.
  • Moved battery saver button from powermenu to settings.

Changelog for V1.2-B4:

  • Added a battery saver button that enables android low power mode.
  • Added a fix for the ringtone selection on certain apps.
  • Added google restore application.
  • Adjusted brightness slider.
  • Fixed some smaller problems with the powermenu.
  • Fixed various smaller layout issues on the launcher.
  • Revised initial setup application.

Changelog for V1.2-B3:

  • Added camera rotation button on the powermenu (Prime2 only).
  • Adjusted english launcher translation.
  • Adjusted launcher quicksettings layout.
  • Changed density for the 400x400 resolution display.
  • Changed fontsize to offset the density change.
  • Fixed a problem with the notification text color.
  • Revised powermenu code and layout.

Changelog for V1.2-B2:

  • Added google text to speech application.
  • Fixed a problem with the charging indicator.
  • Fixed a problem with the duplicate airplane icon.
  • Renamed device Z32PRO to LEM12PRO.
  • Updated prebuilt modules to may version.

Changelog for V1.2-B1:

  • Major code overhaul for the launcher, this includes: adjustments, fixes, refactoring and updates.
    Most importantly it generalizes and consolidates support for all devices, instead of maintaining a separate version for each device it will be handled now by one version.
  • Added a new app scaling setting to reduce the window size of third party applications on full screen mode.
  • Added a frequency limit for the chipset to reduce thermal discharge.
  • Added layout adjustments for the lockscreen, weather, keyboard input and powermenu.
  • Changed the global density to 140 for 400x400 resolution and to 150 for 480x480 resolution displays.
  • Changed the global font size values to reflect the density changes.
  • Disabled 2 cores on the performance cluster and 2 cores on the low-power cluster to reduce thermal discharge.
  • Fixed a problem that the charging current would be excessively limited if the input voltage was too low.
  • Fixed a problem with the initial weather setup on the launcher widget.
  • Fixed a dependency issue with the wiiwear assistant application.
  • Removed the misrepresenting battery temperature warning.
  • Updated the fuelgauge table for the 900mAh battery.

Note: this release is marked as beta to test the launcher overhaul and possible performance/thermal changes on the chipset.


From now on we keep this single area for beta testing - all posts will be moved here and all beta firmware will be here.
Please allow us time to arrange this.


Is it possible to return to the previous version without factory settings?

Is it possible: yes.
Is it recommended: no.

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Thank you for the update.

Updated and reset.

Just reporting.

  1. Charging Icon(lightning bolt) remains enabled all the time regardless if charging cable has been disconnected.

  2. When unlocking from pattern, takes a little bit longer to load up watch.

Still testing, will report back with more if encountered.

Ok, i will test and i will give you some feedback. :+1:

Hi @pablo11!,
Just a question for this Beta version: Can I directly reinstall v1.1 if I have problems with v1.2 or need to reinstall/factory reset to v1.0?

To be honest I have not tried but if you want to go back to v1.1 you should have no problems with just using the v1.1 update zip and making a factory reset.
Just don’t try to use this zip from stock firmware - as already covered in top post.
I strongly recommend a factory reset after flashing the new update to get best results.

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With v1.2B firmware, how do we access the new app scaling setting? (if implemented?)

Settings → Display → Scale app:



@pablo11 Thanks for the firmware. Updated my other watch to this and switching to it for the day to see how things go. I will definitely keep you apprised of my little adventure here. One thing I noted right off the bat is that this still identifies as a LEM12pro on the PC when hooked up via USB. Obviously just cosmetic but noticeable.

Hi all,
Here is my first impression from 1.2Beta. I installed 1.2B over 1.1.

  • Factory reset is mandatory, because weather app keep crashing. After the reset, the weather app was fine
  • About phone is now seen as S10Pro. The registration with Google is seen as a new phone
  • As stated in a earlier post, translation problem with config on step panel is still present
  • The new notification drop down could be shown a bit longer
  • No more battery warning overheat if I use the watch while charging
  • No performance issue while playing a 1080p video
  • The new app scaling work fine, but I prefer a triple tap to zoom on hidden area. Is a per application scaling setting is feasible?

Thanks again for your work, it is great to see enhancement for those watch!


That is a problem with the Windows (driver) labeling, if you manually remove the driver it will assign the correct name.

Confirmed. I have it now showing as S10PRO. :+1:

Also, so far battery seems better. From 2pm to 9PM, I went down to 70%. This is more on par with the old FAW LW C15 build. I was losing about 10%per hour on the 1.1 so clearly nowhere near as bad now…looking at the expected ~5% loss per hour again. I will have a full day to test tomorrow (only got this loaded, wiped and apps setup today at 2pm) to be sure. Again, I’ll let you all know how it goes. :beers:

You know what - we will think about that.
The only issue is that it should really be kept together because it will lead to the next release.
But we will think about how we structure it.
For now - it stays like this.

That is odd about the scroll bar - same browser and everything ?
It does not make sense and I cannot replicate it… :thinking:

Firmware downloaded and installed :+1:

Thanks @Kospetp2

Yep, I know the little lightning symbol is there, thanks @anon5802783.
About the scrolling thing, we will look at it but I can’t reproduce it.


I meant we know that it is a problem and we will be looking to fix it…

By the way Chrome in this thread is working for me. I just tap on the numbers in the red circle and the blue bar comes up as expected…

Thank you for your continued work on this great FW! In the 1.2 beta TextToSpeech has stopped working – initialization results in ERROR (-1). It’s the same in my app and Tasker.