Ticrwis MAX-S + Kospet Note - new rectangular model - official support thread

@pablo11 … you received my email?

If you sent it to me… Yes.
I have sooo many I don’t know who is who. :sweat_smile:

Please respond to the latest email you have from Celeste and me.


Does it looks odd wearing Max S in public?
I am concerned because my wrist is thinner.

Personally no . It also slides under a jumper as well just fine . Its less obvious than the P2 . And if you are a runner its the best of the best for me

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A10 Stock FW here - stock and FAW versions.
Ticwris MAX S and KOSPET Note firmware thread-UPDATED - Ticwris Products / Ticwris Max S - Full Android Watch


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Dec '20

We will get a patched boot image and TWRP recovery so that you can use Magisk root.
But give us time…we only just got them

As new member have not found any of these mentioned for Ticwris Max S

Hmm - I would say something - but apparently I’m not helpful.
Even though you have searched and found more information :thinking:

Yes, just needed a little hint and then was able to root Ticwris Max S. Obviously there is a negative attitude about rooting, but personal opinions are not everyones view on things.
Being able to change some settings due to having root access is wonderful, it helps a lot managing the operating system, cause Ticwris Max S official firmware and android is quite a mess, slow and heating up watch, bad launcher, and much more failures. Root access can fix a lot and for myself I have achieved a good running Ticwris Max S.


@anon84570158 As I mentioned before, we don’t want to discuss root too extensively here. I’m glad you achieved what you set out to achieve. Nevertheless, I would like to ask you to end this discussion now.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

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TicWris Max S is A10 fully capable?
What about bugs, stability, etc?
Only 3G ram, i’m being curious about daily work…

Yes it is.
But the brands decided not to make an Android 10 version.

We have an international FAW firmware that is A10 and works well on the DM101.
You can read about it here:

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What cell carriers have you guys been using with this? I can’t for the life of me find a carrier in the US that technically supports it.

T Mobile is reported to work I believe.

Hi all,

So… my first post. I must say, I love the look of a nice robust, round watch, but at the end of the day utility trump’s all. And for that reason, the DM101 watches seem to be hard to beat. But as is often the case, the question I am asking myself is whether to buy now or (given it is 2+ years old) wait to see if a newer version (think thinner body and bezels) is released. But unless someone knows a new version is coming, I figure a bird in the hand…

Have never flashed Android firmware before, so have lots to learn in order to update it to A10. Been doing lots of reading, and the forum has been super helpful and informative.

Anyway, looking forward to the journey. Should be fun :smiling_face:

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There will be a smaller Android 9 (similar to the LEM 10 but far more advanced) watch on the market soon.
It is M6737 soc and has 2gb ram and 16gb storage. We will publish details soon regarding this.
We don’t think we will make our version of firmware for it.
It is very different to the DM101 but it is practical.

As for Android 10 on the DM101, you can work your way up to level 2 here within a couple of weeks and then try our FAW international Android 10 firmware. If you do end up with a DM101 or Optimus 2 etc.

It’s not a polished release but it is very functional compared to stock.
For the DM101, I had to leave it in beta basically. Due to private life and work commitments.
The round watches that are supported have a release candidate and the firmware is slightly more “polished”.

We can’t afford to pay someone else to finish it because we don’t generate any income here.
It’s purely voluntary.
When we were in lock down it was reasonable, but not now.

Anyway, my advice is take your time and research thoroughly before you decide what to buy.
There are a lot of Android 9 and Android 8 trash devices available that we have nothing to do with. We always advise against these, hoping to help people avoid disappointment.
You can see more about that here:


You have piqued my interest (re the forthcoming A9 device)! Regarding the DM101 firmware, it might be basically a beta version but from the comments I have seen, it still seems to be a major upgrade that people are really pleased with. It’s also great that there is a community here to connect with if one runs into issues or needs advice. Back in the day I used to have some early multimedia devices (made by a Archos) and there was also a great community to connect with.

I appreciate your advice to do my research and not rush into things. There is a crazy amount of devices out there that and it’s hard (for me at least) to tell the difference between the jems and the junk. A lot look good on paper, but I am still ill equipped to judge. For example, I have seen a number of cheap 4g Apple Ultra clones (one on the FAW YouTube channel and one reviewed by Smartwatch Ticks) that I thought might be a fun way to get started, but have held off as I can’t find anything about them here in the forum.

Trust me it’s not worth looking at those clones and that’s why they are not here on this site.
They all have unsupportable firmware.
They have no custom watch face support.

The one that I looked at had Android 8 made to look like Android 10.
The settings app was fake.
No way to wake up the screen apart from button press.
It uses 3G cellular all the time instead of 4G.
Battery life was terrible.

My point is that if you don’t see it here after searching, then beware of buying.
We only support watches that are reasonable for people to use.
Anyway, the A9 device which is coming soon is a supportable version of the existing rubbish that you have been looking at.
It looks the same in fact.
So don’t rush.

Please do not believe any of the advertising materials you see on Aliexpress or Banggood etc… Unless you have seen it verified somewhere else.

Even the YT reviews are questionable.
It’s hard work just making sure that you are not buying junk these days :frowning:


@pablo11 - not sure how you find the time to respond to everyone’s comments and questions, but it is super helpful and greatly appreciated.

As you suggest, I won’t rush in and will definitely check here first before buying anything. Don’t want to have buyer’s remorse!

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With the dm101 on A7.1.1. If the apps I need function on then. Is there any point is updating to 8 or higher? Not really interested in the A10 due to lack on experience and from reading several posts regarding the update. It sound like it’s more limited than the other fw versions.

I know the main app euc world runs on A7.1 or higher but stuff like maps and functionality for a similar experience to a phone, would you recommend a higher fw?