DM101 Kospet Note & Ticwris MAX-S FAW firmware

There are now links to DM101 (NOT DM100!!) FAW International firmware in the download section.


It is A10 and has the same implimentation as the round models.
The launcher is ARC style and it works well.
The stock faces with shortcuts will no longer work as many paths have changed to the apps used.
It will flash directly over stock firmware using SP Flash tools - use Firmware Upgrade mode in the flash tool.
This is not an update zip !
So flashing with SP Tools is the only way to use it.
You can always flash back to stock if you want to.


I am eager to try out this firmware, I really love the FAW for Prime 2, so expectations are high :ok_hand:

First experience booting on the FAW, text in stripes, scared me a whole lot, afraid it was a wrong screen driver, but once booted completely, everything seems fine.

My upgrade path:
I have flashed the 7.1.1 FW and factory reset.
Next I have flashed the FAW and factory reset.
I used firmware upgrade option in flash tool both times.

Yes, that’s normal.
We didn’t use a splash screen…
Don’t worry about it.
Once booted it is fine


I am missing the back swipe to get out of apps, it seems only the back button can get me out of e.g. Maps.

Is it just a gesture setting I can’t find ?

If this is not available I think it should be high on the list for next version, as we all know it is best to not risk wearing the hardware buttons down.

I have also observed that some of my apps choses the portrait mode, which is not convenient. I know the solution for this if it can’t be solved in firmware is to use a rotation app.

Looks like my previous favourite “Easy Rotation Controls” doesn’t work in this OS, it crashes repeatedly :cry:

I have started to experience some screen brightness flickering :cry:
It seems related to app activity, so I have hopes that it isn’t a HW issue, but if it isn’t there might be a problem with the FW…

There are actually 5 different launcher stylesđź‘Ś
The one with 3 apps on each line is quite good for getting fast to an app :+1:

To change launcher style, longpress anywhere in the launcher.

They are exactly the same.
No hardware difference at all.
Maybe a reset is needed.
I don’t seem to have any problems with swiping back.
I always swipe from the centre of the screen


I guess this needs clarification.
Swipe back works within the launcher and some apps.
But it is not enabled globally.
So, if you go into the settings app for example, you can’t swipe back and need to use the top left “back” arrow.

As explained in the RC1 firmware thread - gestures like this were not enabled yet due to the issue it caused.


Ok, I agree it works in what seems to be system apps, but it doesn’t work for me in Maps.
Please could you try if it works for you?
With me the map is just pulled sideways when I swipe…

Nope, swipe is not working in maps and I use the top button to go back when I need to go back if there is no back arrow in the app.
There seems to be a mix up as well.
@legiona3r might be commenting about the stock A10 Firmware that I also shared a few days ago.
In the FAW version, swipe gesture is not enabled globally. So that’s confirmed.

What you are experiencing is correct.
No swipe in Google Maps.

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Indeed, I am commenting about the version you shared. Also, is there any substantial difference between the stock A10 and the FAW one? (apart from this swipe gesture, well)

So we need to move your posts to the correct section for the stock A10 DM101 firmware.
It’s getting very confusing as you can see.

Yes there are many differences between them.
They are still built from the same source but the FAW firmware is fully Google based for international users.
The stock A10 Firmware has many dependencies on Chinese Web servers and location servers. You can read about it here:

@Dotsfar now you know where the difference comes from :slight_smile:

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Moving my posts will also be confusing, because I was actually testing the FAW version, which this thread is about…

But I am relieved that there was a good explanation for the different experience regarding the back swipe, and a bit disappointed we were not all talking about the firmware the thread is about.

How about simply deleting some of the posts about back function and leaving only one to let people know that back swipe doesn’t work.

I will deal with the thread.
Just to be clear - swipe back is not enabled in any of the FAW firmware and it may never be.
This firmware is “as is”
It has great battery life and the apps are all working well.


There have been no mentioning of version info yet, neither here nor in the download thread.

I have version: FAW-DM101-V1.3-B7

I think you will notice it is v1.0B
The .7z is just the 7zip extension of the compression.

Great to also have the filename. I was looking in the watch about section, so my number is from there. At that point the zip format should no longer be part of the name.

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Yep, because I built it from the same source as the RC1 round version…
It’s just a line of print in the build…
It’s not really important because it is extremely unlikely that there will be any further builds.
It is just not practical or beneficial for us to continue further with this.
To be honest, we have had this since last year, but we were not going to release it.
However, after using it for quite some time, it seems to be very stable and acceptable.
So here it is.