Ticrwis MAX-S + Kospet Note - new rectangular model - official support thread

As you are all aware the Ticwris MAX has been a very popular product along with the others with a different brand name (LEM T, DMN 100 Pro etc)
So generally the feedback has been that it is a good product albeit the few weak spots early on with case materials etc.
However - it was noted that it was possibly just too big to be completely practical.
Enter the Ticwris MAX-S
The S indicating that it is smaller.
So, it has been mentioned that this is getting released with A7.1.1. to begin with - but with a view to moving to Android 10 in the future (next year some time).
It is on the M6739 platform at the moment with 3gb Ram and 32gb storage - so really extremely similar to the original MAX.
Sadly, like the MAX - due to antenna and case design - the straps are not designed to be interchangeable.
It is due for release next week or week after and should be available for around $149 USD.
I believe on Nov 11th it should be $139 USD from the official Ticwris store on Aliexpress
Here are the details -


It’s $145 on Banggood right now.

Yes it went on sale yesterday

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mine left the country two days ago according to tracking…should arrive pretty soon…hopefully…


Look forward to hearing what you think of it.
We don’t have them on the staff team yet.

me too…i have the ticwris max and find it is the best smartwatch i have ever owned (and i have had a lot :wink: )…have every program known to man running on this, all covered by the beautifull nova launcher…just a bit too big, so hopefully the S will be the solution…


When did you order yours? I ordered one on Gearbest on Oct. 21 and the status is still “paid”, not even “processing” yet.

Ordered 24 oct on aliexpress…should be at customs now…but i know from experience this can take anything from 2 till 14days…fingers crossed…

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Discounts available now for the 11.11 sales.

Coupon here as an extra bonus :slight_smile:

Promo code: MAXS1111
BUY Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001627410446.html


ticwris max s is at postoffice…should be any day now…ordered me a kospet prime 2 also last week, but not yet underway…boys and their toys…


got mine today !
looks nice, but unhopefuly no screen protector in the box.
I’ll soon need to order one extra charging dock by the way (home & office)…

Interesting… Let’s see what I can do about this


Are you sure it doesn’t have one on the screen already?
Please, for Gods sake do not use any sharp objects to see if there is one.
Personally I use a wooden tooth pick and check the corners of the screen

checked again : no screen protector on the screen (or it’s a nano one :wink: ), either noone in the box

just got mine today also…no sceenprotector either on mine…

Where did you purchase from?
Banggood or the Kospet Aliexpress store?

Apparently only 3 or 4 left the store without the screen protector…
And of course you have them :grin:

The fastest way to get them for free is to email the store where you purchased them and cc me at zappa1.pf@gmail.com so I can keep an eye on it.

I bought ´ine on aliexpress…still have some spare screenprotectors for my ticwris max…think i willcut one to size…

They will mail them to you

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