Great new video for flashing firmware by Mr Ticks.

How to Flash new Firmware to your Android Smartwatch - YouTube

I have moved all the firmware flashing “issue” posts here - I think we will move this entire thread to a new or existing “FIRMWARE FLASHING” topic.
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Hi. Its impossible to install the firmware Lem15- Stock v 1.3… The question is, if I have the firmware Lem15 Stock 1.2.1, can I immediately install FAW Lem15 -v 1.3- RC2? I tried to firmware on different three computers, Windows 7.10 and 11… All displays an error: handle request failure. I did everything according to the instructions, especially before that on Windows 7 I flashed phones on MTK. Maybe the problem is the clock, I reset the clock to factory, but the same mistake…

you’re not supposed to use a computer to flash it

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I understand that the FAW firmware must be installed through a local update, from the watch… And earlier I wrote that I could not install the stock firmware Lem15 Stock v. 1.3, through FlashTools… I have Stock 1.2.1 Lem15 now. Question can I update immediately on FAW v. 1.3.

It will work in some cases.

No, the Stock v 1.2.1 Lem15 is not stitched. immediately on FAW Lem15 v 1.3 RC1 (2), gives an error… Tell me, then you can update the Stock v 1.2.1 Lem15 through a local update or through OTA on the Stock v 1.3 Lem15?

As I already said. It might work in some cases.

Tell me, is there another possibility to update the watch on the Stock v 1.3 Lem15, not through Flash tools?

Hello Pablo, I have had the lemfo 12 pro for 2 years. I want if the firmware improves battery life problems, if the optimization app is maintained with the new firmware and if the problems indicated by other users have been solved.

Maybe a good idea to visit the FAW release thread?

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great, just checked. improves the battery by no longer having to use external applications to solve some problems or make the use of the device more agile. I’m going to install it and I hope I don’t have any complications later.

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You can switch back whenever you like…

try to install it, download it from the dirve to my cell and from there to the clock. I entered the update section but when it starts to be installed I get an android drawing indicating an error.

Did you remember to pick the one matching your watch - there is fw for different models in the download section.

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yes, download the one for lemfo 12 pro. I downloaded the file to the clock and then went to update. I chose the zip file as it is without opening it, but a clock appears after seconds. Then it restarts.

Make sure that your watch is in flightmode.

you’ll have to flash the stock firmware (v06) with sp flash tools (you’ll find both sp flash tools and the firmware at the top of this thread) before you update to FAW 1.3 RC1

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That’s where the installation is complicated. I don’t understand how to do it and that’s it I read the instructions

in this case, I advise not to change the firmware. If you really want to do it, take a few days to research it here in the forum.