Official Support thread for LEM14

Hi Mr.Ticks!
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I can confirm 1 mile open water swimming with no problem , I just coverd the speaker holes with a piece of tape , heart rate measuring with external blue tooth sensor from my arm worked fine but the gps tracking was a little crazy .


I have always been impressed by the waterproofing of this product.
We don’t have any divers who can test how deep the watch can go though :joy:


How does this watch compare in size to the Lem 12? Is it equal in size or larger? How much larger?

Both watches are using the same screen.The Lemfo LEM14 has a slightly stronger housing and is 20mm thick. The thickness of the LEM 12 pro is 17mm.


Yes both are using the same screen as the original Prime.
1.6 " 400x400

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Hi, just an update on my Lem14 experience. I gave it one last try and bought another SIM, this is 3rd one…and surprise, it worked! Eventually I can connect to mobile data! I installed Nova Launcher, my favorite running app, FM radio and some other things. I would say that all apps are working really well.
Unfortunately I still have a major issue: GPS connection is extremely poor. I tried it around 10 times while running but I was never able to record the full run: keep getting message of bad GPS connection and connect lost. Is there any solution for this? I found a video on YouTube showing a smartwatch comparison and Lem 12 Pro seem to connect to GPS very well, even from inside the house (no way to do so with Lem14). Could it be that Lem12 firmware is better for GPS connection? Any advice? For now unfortunately the watch is back in its box as I can’t use it. Thank you.

One thing i always do before a run ( while inside ) is get a location lock with google maps over wifi . Especially if watch has been off . Then i go outside ( close google maps ) and get a lock on fitness app before i start running . Can i ask what fitness app you are using ?


I use Sportractive. The thing is that even now if I start the app from the phone I get good GPS from inside the house, while from the watch I don’t get any signal. Probably GPS in the watch is less powerful compared to the one in the phone.
Strange that LEM12 seems to work, and also better than Kospet Prime 2.

Nope, the main board is exactly the same base as the LEM12 Pro and the Prime 2.
The only differences between these models are the screens, battery management profiles and power control and some other minor things like speaker types and rear cover sensors.
There is almost no difference at all in the GPS design. All have the same internal antennas etc etc…

Have you used a good GPS test app and enabled ALL the correct permissions?
Android 10 has many different permissions compared to older Android versions.
For example, if you go to location in settings, you can enable Google location accuracy.
It helps a lot even if you have not signed in to Google.

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By the way, please do not try to flash the firmware from a LEM 12 pro or Prime 2.
It simply will not work due to the differences I mentioned before…

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I have posted on this thread (messages no 114-116 ) my findings about lem14 gnss reception and what you have to do for getting the best accouracy and precision .

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Hi Pablo, thank you but enabling Google accuracy was one of the first things I tried. Unfortunately without GPS I can’t use this watch… I have bought another model, from another Brand and hopefully that will work.

It’s a pity this has such bad GPS as all the rest works fine (except super long charging time).
Thanks anyway for the support.

Very strange indeed.
I will talk to Lemfo about this.
It is worth returning it because it can be something as simple as the GPS antenna connection is failing to connect to the main board.

Hi - do we have any further info on when an update might arrive? I’ve had my Lem14 a week and as far as I can recall, the contacts didn’t sync, I had to use Watch droid (or maybe it was import/export vcf) … should a watch shipped that recently have the update, if it has been created, do you think?

We cannot say with certainty whether and when there will be an update. However, there is a solution for syncing the contacts:
-Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro - #9 by Rajiv_Shah

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Thanks, Gin, you’re my favourite drink. As I mentioned in my post, I managed to do it by - I think - transferring the .vcf file. (I’ve done so many set-up things it’s hard to remember exactly what I did and when.)

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Yes, it’s all dependent on the brand.
I have asked lemfo to read the feedback here but so far they have not announced any updates.
Which version are you using at the moment?


Android 10.7. Came with the watch. I don’t remember it updating when I started it for the first time, though I suppose it might have - I just didn’t notice.

Yes that is the standard version.
They labelled it 10.7 but that is really meaningless.
It’s just Android 10.