New to faw world and need recommendations

Hello everyone please I need help finding a good FAW, I don’t really have so much money as to buy more than one like I’ve Seen so many people do, and I’m doing all the research I can to hopefully choose a good and stable one.

I’m looking for one stable in battery, lasting, WhatsApp and sms works good without issues, good network, can browse independently with the chip and without having to connect to wifi…basically these are the most important to me for now

And also perhaps a link from a trusted vendor would help as well please…I appreciate your anticipated help
Please your opinions would be highly appreciated

Maybe start by reading other threads with the similar question.
Use the search bar here on the forum.
Here is a recent example:


If your budget can stretch to this i would recommend this ( its the updated model ) and direct from Kospets official store. I must stress this is NOT to be used as a sports watch though. The stock firmware is amazing but there is also the oppurtunity the upgrade to our FAW firmware once you are a trusted and experienced user.

£154.50 35%OFF | 2023 KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 Ultra Smartwatch Men GPS Smart Watch For Women Black 4G Android 4GB+128GB 13MP Camera Flashlight 2260mAh


Thank you so much, will check it out and update you if I eventually order it


Alright thank you :pray:

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Why not? Not waterproof enough, or something else?


Does the 2023 KOSPET OPTIMUS support multitouch? @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

It is not waterproof and it is sold as “splash proof” I believe.
Another reason why it is not a great idea to use for using it for vigorous activity monitoring is that the sensors can get overwhelmed and reports suggest that the watch can lock up and freeze.

As I have mentioned many times, Android watches are basically the same as your mobile phone.
Not really intended to be used for sports monitoring.
Heart rate, step monitor and walk tracking is no problem.
Any activity that will make you sweat or constant vibration can cause problems though.
You can read about it in the support thread


Two point touch works in most apps but not all.
Check out the support thread I linked just above this post :+1:

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Good day fam…I guess I’m not able to afford the optimus 2 but is lem 10 a good option or do you know a better one at that price range please :pray:…most important thing to me is just the WhatsApp,sms, calls and a good network and battery…I’d really appreciate your response

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The LEM 10 is a decent device in my opinion.
Just remember that it is now old and uses Android 7.
However, it has very short battery life and the stock firmware is not great.
Have you checked out the support thread for the LEM 10?


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Okay thank you so much…I’d appreciate any other recommendations at that price range🙏

What is your budget?
In $USA dollars …

Okay something perhaps better than lem 10 or closer to optimus 2 at 150 USD or less🙏

Have you looked at the LEM15 or the Lokmat APPLLP (same watch really)
We have International FAW firmware for this model as as the Optimus 2.
Battery is not as large as the Optimus 2 but it is a generally good device.


Alright thank you so much…I really appreciate this, will make my choice from these ones

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