Lokmat APPLLP 4 Z36 C17_D4 Official support thread

We are now official customer tech support for Lokmat products as well.

This is a great device and is not heavy or too big and looks great.
The second of the only two watches to have the higher speed ram - DDR4. Not sure how much difference this is going to make for daily use - but it’s a great time to find out.
Fantastic battery life from all initial reports.
Android 10, 4GB DDR4 ram and 128GB flash storage.
It is very similar to the LEM15 and uses the same Z36 main board.
We will also be looking at making a FW international firmware for this too.
However - the stock firmware on this and the LEM15 is a hybrid of both stock and FAW. I have to say it is greatly improved over the previous software package.
I have a promo code to save $20 USD if anyone is interested: LOKMATWATCH is valid until June 21st.
The official sales point is here: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9JmuRX

Details as follows and they are very honest figures :+1:

APPLLP 4 Spec.xlsx (155.6 KB)

Hope you like it.



On the photo we see an error on the word TACHYMETER (TRCHYMETEA) and in real life on the LOKMAT APPLLP 4 smartwatch there is no this error it is well written TACHYMETER and it is very practical to calculate the speed we are going.


Is there anyone on the forum who has this model?

Yes . Me :+1: feel free to ask questions :+1: its a great watch


Confirmed. First impressions are great.:+1:


thanks @G1NT0N1C and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu … I am particularly interested in the sound and volume quality for phone calls and also … (I know it’s subjective) the lasting power of the battery.

No problem . Still testing so i’ll get back to you on sound levels . As for battery here is someting i did the other day . I ran for 1hr 20mins

Sim in 4g
Data on
Gps on
Wifi on
Bluetooth on

Battery drained 18%

For a small watch thats good :+1:


Cheers Doc, looking forard to any additional you can add when convenient. :+1:

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This is actually very true and you can immediately notice the difference in the stock firmware on these new products :+1:

It is really great to see that collective suggestions and our collaboration is really paying off.


Firmware added to top post

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Just ordered. Thx for the promo code. Can´t wait for the FAW Firmware. :smiley:

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Hi everybody. I’ve just received this smartwacht bu unfortunately it seems that it can’t connect to the network neither make phone calls. The issue, I think, is that the frequency of my SIM card (TIM ITALY) is not supported by the smartwatch…

I’m trying to change settings but nothing change. I’m afraid I’ll return the item.

Anyone could suggest solutions?? thanks

Factory reset and start again . After inserting sim card reboot watch . Hopefully that will work . Let me know . This should work in Italy just fine :+1:


There is a way to add a new APN in this hybrid firmware now.
But you will also need to check that the IMEI is ok after adding your APN.
In Settings, Network & Internet select Mobile Network and scroll down to the last setting “Access Point Names”
Then you can scroll down to “New APN” and add your provider APN.

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Ok I’ll try once more then I’ll post my feedback here.

Do you know if this smartwatch support NFC? I couldn’t find it in the specifications

It looks like this…

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Fair enough . No , there is no NFC

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The apn seems to be ok. I don’t know what else I can do

It may be that the imei number is blocked by your service provider.
You can contact them and ask them?

Maybe try a different telco Sim and see if it is ok…

You can see the imei number in watch settings / About Watch.

Hi everyone. The smartwatch can make phone calls only with a sim of VODAFONE network. Probably the only frequency supported…