New LEM10 v1.1 (3/32) Firmware 2020-07-15 (July)

Is this discussion suppose to be about firmware?

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Yes, mods please cleanup if you are able to. @Vinvilli try to use common internet etiquette in the future. Thanks

@pablo11 hey mate, so the heart rate sensor works perfect… when I’m in the house. As soon as I leave the house, the heartrate goes back to 50-80bpm from 150-160bpm.

Is it wifi? I’m using the v0.8 19-11-02 firmware

Hi, very new here and also very new smartwatch owner. Is it save to install this update without any experience?

Please hold on for a day.
I will be uploading v0.9 very soon.
If not tonight then tomorrow.

It’s a simple process once you have the correct MTK drivers installed.

If you click on the YouTube link at the top of the site - you will find videos regarding installation of the drivers and flashing.



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Most of this is possible when using array 100 in new clockskins . We have a tutorial @G1NT0N1C and i worked on .


@Bahubali Please discuss v0.8 firmware. There are other places to ask other kinds of questions :slight_smile:

Awesome news Pablo

Eagerly waiting for the firmware !

New version posted in the OP top post.


Awesome! I’ll give you a rundown tomorrow @pablo11


@pablo11 so I tested it and seems very similar, maybe touch is better? The Audio ducking FX is still there :frowning:
HR still busted. without changelog it’s difficult to know :slight_smile:

Just curious what is “Audio Ducking FX” ?
Not sure what your HR problem is but I have both a Lem 10 (1x16) and a Lem 10 (3x32) and the HR sensors work fine on both. I updated the firmware on the (1x16) and the first update on the Lem 10 (3x32), not the latest, which would leave me to believe it is not a firmware problem.

@R_Sauvalle got his Lem10 way before everyone else . Including us mods . He has clearly had hardware issues from the start .

Sadly I am not sure any firmware will fix your problems :confused:
I don’t know of any reason why most devices are ok and a few have problems… Unless it’s the same old problem of quality control…

There is also a possibility that you have one of the early sample batch of watches. Sometimes these get sold to customers when they obviously shouldn’t.

I wish I had better news for you but your particular problems sound like hardware not software… :pensive:


But Heart rate sensor works when at home? Oh well I got a pulse belt now.

Hmm, this is very curious.
So what is different when you are at home?
Connected to WiFi or BT tethered or what?

Just trying to get my head around why being at home can make any difference at all… :thinking:


Can we feedback about the ROM, and will those be entertained / noted / fixed in any minor updates? ?

Touch screen performance much better in latest version . Thanks

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