New firmware for Lem 10

Mark the number one thing for me is how the square screen works so much better in a square world. While having a large screen overall the watch is relatively thin and doesn’t seem large on your wrist. No issue with sweat as both Sim and speaker are on the left side.
More than adequate screen brightness to be seen outdoors. Metal strap attachments no breakage like on several watches. It may lack some of the current features like face lock, I wouldn’t use it anyway but makes up for it with its overall practicality.

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Thanks for the replies.

You guys are gonna cost me money, lol.

And you can swap out watch bands on this, correct?

Yes you can as usual . Its fabric all the way for me :+1:

dear Jonathan_Bickel
please give the download link for new firmware LEM10


I’m uploading V1.1 right now.
I thought I had already done it :pensive:

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Here is the latest v1.1

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I have just bought a lem 10 and a dm20 neither of them have face unlock

Where can I get a replacement fabric band

I you had read my earlier post I mentioned that the Lem 10 does not have the face lock feature. Have you tried the Lemfo Store at Ali-Express for a fabric band?

the LEM10 has indeed face unlock. also lockscreen grid unlock. it’s in settings with firmware v1.1
this is the official firmware thread:

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Thanks I will try it

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Can I use my watch to down load the file and open it directly on the watch

You have to flash it.
If you were going to get an OTA it would be available by going to the watch settings app, scroll down to About watch and check software updates.

If nothing shows up you need to flash.
Have the wifi on and connected when you check for the update.

I installed the latest firmware OTA on both my Lem 10"s and it reflects DM20_Lem10_V1.1_20200711. In reference to the above post neither of my watches have the face lock feature available. I personally don’t have a need for that feature and would not flash my watch just to get it. Is the 20200715 version another update?

Pic taken in watch settings (v1.1 2020-jul-15)

I’m not questioning what you posted but I get different results from the same V1.1 firmware with a different date, 0711.
Screen shots of my Lem 10:




yes it seems they are quite different.

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Yes, my firmware was offered but not used by lemfo.
I have no idea why.
But I prefer it so I published it.
Made by the same guys who made the OTA version but for some reason they chose not to use it.