LEMFO LEM10 QUESTION? Ask it here!

someone has the root process for this watch please share. thanks

The battery is 800mAh as shown in the picture. I take out mine to take a peek.


How do you find heart rate sensor?
I done some exercises today and wanted compare to my polar heart monitor. And not working at all. All the way shows 60 80…when polar… 130…140 and more…

You so are getting a reading ? Just what you regard as inaccurate . I noticed mine was more accurate and flashing the last available firmware

Yes I get readings but inacurate for all the time of activity…
do you mean I suppose update firmware?
When checking updates it says there are no updates… Is there any other safe way to update?

The only way to do it is flash the firmware . But do not attempt if you are not experienced . If you are check out our youtube video on how to do it . If not wait for the next OTA update . Thanks

I think I’m going to wait… Don’t want to brick my new shiny watch :wink:
Do you think this update should be available in a while?

I really have no idea . Maybe @pablo11 will know . Dont forget some users are reporting practically no issues . Thanks

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New one arrived today, it’s super and i even did not update it. I am happy with it. Now i must see hoe the service is for sending back the first one. Anyone experience??


Good to hear . Its a great watch :+1:

Hi Tim. Could you please describe the steps to turn off the pedometer? I don’t remember I have seen this option is settings, or I have just missed it. Thanks.

Settings - gesture - pedometer . Thanks

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Just one little thing, i have two active Stylus from China, Both work great with my smartphone, tablet, laptop and my microwear H5 and H7 watch buy not with my both lem 10, only a little with the upper half of the screen. Does someone had an idea hoe to set the screen more sensitive?

Hi . You cannot alter the sensitivity of the screen .

good evening
I find it hard to make my choice for the purchase optimus pro or lem10

You cannot make the wrong decision in this case. Both are excellent watches.

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Never used the optimus like @G1NT0N1C but i can say " in my opinion " the Kospet Prime and Lem10 are the best two watches available at the moment :+1:

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my heart rate monitor smartwatch option is not working. when i open the app i get no green light under the side of smartwatch!


How can I fix this problem :frowning: !?


Try a full reset . This should work

I really want to solve this problem but it doesn’t work