Lemfo to ticwrist

Trying to flash lemfo t to ticwrist. How do I do this?

Have you tested the search function of our forum?

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Didn’t see anything on flashing my lemfo t

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hello can you help i am trying to flash my D100 smart watch with the ticwrist system firmware but it keeps on hanging after clicking the download button. mt65xx preloader device unplugged error keeps coming on and the watch charging too… please help.

could it be a bad connection? if you try to let the watch be connected to the computer and just charge will it charge without interruptions?

Yes it charges and the charge stays on when connected…

Finally got it to start working, but half way through the download an error appeared " brom connection. and now i try restarting the watch and its stock on the smartwatch screen. please can you help me out. i was trying to install the ticwrist firmwire on my d100 lemfo smartwatch???

just keep trying to flash it until it flashes successfully


hi guys,
since I flashed the TICWRIS firmware on my LemT (many weeks ago), the build is still V1.2_20200107.
Is it normal?
The devices checks for updates from time to time (Or I force this check). Sometimes, the task bar even says that un update ongoing but… Still same build number shown in the parameters.

Would you happen to have a link for the TICWRIS MAX firmware? Ive been looking all day and can’t seem to find it.Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here ?


Any idea of any of the changes in this version?
The latest version is 1.3 according to my update info on my watch 20200307.

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Thanks, I been known to miss things right in my face lol

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