Flashing firmware on lemt

i have a 3/32 lemt i want to flash to a ticwris firmware.

I am running windows 10 is there any guides or could some one tell me the proper way to flash the firmware.

Thank you.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

@Eric_Crochemore respected sir
i m requesting for
kronos blade genesis firmware for lem t

i strongly beleive u will definetly hep me in this regard

thankx and best regards

We don’t have the Kronos Genesis FW yet.


I just flashed the new firmware.
It worked no problem.

But now… i can’t make calls anymore !
When calling, I got some vocal message, telling my smartphone has been blocked for security reasons…

I call my provider (“Proximus”, in Belgium) support, they say the blocking comes from Tesco, a UK provider. I don’t know them, i’m not customer there… I contact them, they don’t know me and can’t help…

They tell me to contact the company I bought the device from.

Could it be that the TICWRIS is not unlocked for some operators?

I flashed back the firmware of Lem T -> device still blocked.

so… wtf…

Did you flash the whole firmware or just system.img ?

whole firmware


Until you figure out a fix, you can always go back to previous firmware using https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DHf5qKc2P74b85jtEygf0M9892BfUZmp/view

You can try flashing this and on top of it flash only the system.img from TICWRIS

ok i do it now, and i’ll let you know…

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If you have flashed whole firmware, then you may need to check your IMEI and see if it is still the same. Check the box in which you received the phone for your original IMEI.

just did. not the same IMEI.
let me guess : i have to flash my old IMEI?

If I see this posted again it will end up in a ban
It is illegal

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Do you know which chip is is built on ? MT6739 ?

yes MT6739

I did : IMEI of LEMT writed, rebooted : still blocked

Can you try the same SIM on some other phone just to reconfirm it is a problem with LEM T or not ?

checked : SIM card works fine with another GSM.
To summarize :

  • SIM card works fine with another phone.
  • firmware flashed back to last version : Lem T V1.0
    → still getting a message while tring to call “device blocked for security reasons”

cool then flashing the whole firmware https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DHf5qKc2P74b85jtEygf0M9892BfUZmp/view and restoring the IMEI will take you exactly back to the same state before flashing TICWRIS.

(to be on safer side, people rarely flash preloader unless there is a need )

Let me know how it goes…

Edit : solved by manualy working on GSM operators.
omg, one day lost, but… Huge thx to hnarsha ! If you ever come to Belgium we’ll have some good beers (Or whatever you drink).