Kospet Optimus PRO - materials quality

Good morning Folks!

Just wondering about the plastic quality used to build our watches.

My optimus pro got a crack on strip mounting place, which is weird because there no tensions at all. I work at office, i do not do anything what could this crack make happen.

Got my watch for about a 6 months now and to be fair am very disappointed because of that.

Am I only one with that kind of problem?



Hi, I have a Kospet Optimus Pro and also I cracked. I was cracking completely, so I was forced to glue the watch with epoxy glue and then spray with black paint to make it look so bad. I ordered a spare cover including the display at half the price of the watch. So great disappointment.

![20191119_135343|375x500 (upload://e7OpEjBbbN7XzlA2P4CdxKmNFyM.jpeg)
Personally, I think that watches as a device are amazing, but this processing is terrible… Hopefully I helped



Hi, thanks for quick response!
I am not quite happy with this quality.
Would You be so kind and share link for a spare parts?

Kind regards,


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CZK 936.86 | KOSPET LCD Display (Screen component) For KOSPET OPTIMUS PRO/OPTIMUS HOPE/HOPE LITE/ Brave smartwatch Phone Display Module


Exact same experience after 45 days of use.

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I just can’t wait until mine falls apart.


Hi Dorszes. Wow, from all the replies from people having the same problem this is certainly not a good advertisement for Kospet products! I have a Kospet Hope Lite and, after seeing these problems, I am glad that I brought it only to add to my watch collection and not to use as a daily wear watch! I have only worn it half a dozen times in about 6 months…but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the strap mountings. Thanks to everyone who posted! Cheers, Doons

Hi Doonsbury,

Will tell You more.
Got so mad because of the build quality so I decided to contact Kospet directly.

I can not tell You how many messages i sent to them about the cracks.
In a first place Kospet advisor said, that it looks to them as a misuse.
That just drove mi crazy, so I sent a number of pictures of the watch with all those cracks. For a question what we can do about it kospet advisor told me to go to local shop to fix it.

This is my first and last product from kopset.
Shame on them!



BTW: Forgive my bad english.

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Hi Tomasz. You know it always puzzles me why companies play this game of shifting the blame back on to the customer…“It looks like misuse” how on earth can this be called good customer relations?! But it is even more maddening when, having been provided with proof that the product is sub standard (As your pictures…and those of the other posters…plainly show) they then still try and evade responsibility and get out of providing even a basic level of customer service!
How many people will read these posts and decide not to buy any Kospet product? But then again, how many who do read these posts tell other people about the apparently inherent problem with Kospet products? If a company does the right thing…word of mouth advertising can be their greatest asset. But the same applies if a company does the wrong thing…word of mouth could literally ruin their business! I can recall a time when a company, who had a customer complaint about one of their products would move Heaven & Earth to solve that customers problem, because they were well aware of what it would cost them in sales if they didn’t! Based on this (And a couple of other threads) I too would not buy another Kospet product. So I can fully understand your point of view. Cheers, Doons

P.S. Your English seems fine to me Mate! Probably better than mine! :woozy_face: :rofl:

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To be honest I don’t even think if i will buy any of smartwatch in future.
Just lost my last bits of hope. Kospet customer service blamed me for misuse.
I was wondering what the hell it means? Did I dig a hole in ground with the watch instead of shovel? I do understand that communism in China is in good shape, but they ships their products around the world!

I am afraid that there is no much we can do about that.
It’s a waste time, money and nerves for it!



I have to comment that a couple photos show bezel damage too. To me that looks like the watch has been hit hard on something. And if I was being asked to replace something that looks like it has been abused, I would agree with Kospet. The costumer was always right, sixty years ago. But things have changed a lot. I only wear mine when I go out and there is little chance it will be hit on or by something. I do not wear it when I am working on the car or where it might be damaged. If it was designed to resist all types of damage, it would have a titanium case, super hard glass and a metal band. That kind of watch is way outside my price range. Kospet is making something I can afford.


Hi, I understand Your point of view.
IMHO the build quality of the products is so low so You can not estimate when the body will get cracked.

Friend of mine got a crack in this same spot as me, because the trip was too tight.

Hello, I’m afraid buying a new spare part won’t solve your (our) problem. I bought a new part and tested hardness on the old part. Nothing cracked when bending, on the contrary, everything just bent. When heated in higher temperatures, With the material only melted, that is, there were no signs that it was a ceramic body. Never more Kospet and other similar “ceramic” watches…

Kospet have never advertised this watch as a ceramic body ( like apple ) . It is advertised as a " Ceramic Bezel " only . I dont understand how you are melting your watch ? Thanks

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Hello, I have the Optimus Pro watch and the strap casing has broke too. It’s only two months old from new. I have never dropped it. Could you please let me know if it is difficult to change the casing? Is it possible to explain what is involved to do so?
I would like to post pictures of the problem but I don’t know how to do it here says sorry cant put images?

Much appreciated, Jake.

If yours is 2 months old you need to go back to the seller with photos for a new one, I wouldn’t do it yourself as its virtually brand new mate.

Contacting kospet regarding the body is a waste of time. Kospet advisor told me to go to local shop to fix it.

Hi thanks for your info. I purchased this new from a Chinese seller on Ebay and I dought that I will get much response or help. I will fix this somehow, was trying to see if anyone could help. Thanks.

I guessed that I would be wasting my time with the manufacturer. I want to try to fix it, I noticed that Jaroslav_Polak on here managed to replace the case and I wondered if any one else managed to do it also, and if they could give some instruction on the difficulties.