A new watch is needed, after the summer... What to buy now?

local online shop in my country, and I am pretty sure they are not shipping worldwide, only local.
the H8 is fairly old and can be categorized as relics lol :sweat_smile: since the newest firmware is from february 2019 and the company is not exist anymore.

This is a M04 rebadged as a H8.
Both times sold by Microwear brand.
Inside it is the same as the Kospet Hope.
It is no longer on sale and if it is - it should not be.

Just so you all know - the Madgaze watch is also the same inside as the Kospet hope.
Only difference in the madgaze is that they have a Gyro sensor added… :joy::joy:

I have a Kospet Prime 3gb+32gb since last December. I am super happy with it and the only concern is the power button that becomes softer and softer…I’m planning to open the watch, when the power button will not respond (i don’t have to loose anything after all). I was thinking also to buy a new watch and i was between Prime SE and Rollme S08. I hate the S08 design (especially the buttons, although i have read in this forum that they don’t have the Prime buttons problem), but i would choose it if i was sure about the IP68 thing…So, i chose the Prime SE and i found it at 85 euros, which i think is a super deal :smiley:


Yes, that is a good deal indeed.
Worth the money :+1:

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By the way people,
Black Friday and Monday shopping madness is coming up.
Not too far away now.
My advice for anyone looking for a new device is wait for this.
Prices will be lower than ever this year :+1::+1::+1:


I received my Kospet Optimus Pro now, first impression is positive:

  • Great AMOLED display (1.39" 454x454).
  • No misleading marketing like some other brands (the 5.0MP camera is at least mentioned)
  • Smaller design with a decently sized battery.
  • So far my favorite of all tested watches (Kospet Prime, Lemfo Lem12, Rollme S08).

Here is a overview of all current MT6739 Smartwatches.

The only concerning point is the materials quality issue, will be interesting to see if this has been addressed in recent revisions.

Well, for the moment I’m thinking to order a Microwear H8 for only 95 €. It’s the only alternative to the Rollme S08 speaking about IP68 ( I wish an IP68 watch in order to get free of my smartphone during the winter when I go to the swimming pool ).

Good luck.
It has been out of production for a while now and that’s why the firmware is so old.
Early 2019.

Why not wait for the sales and get something a bit more up to date and for “hopefully” a good price.?

In my opinion…


U’ve right but other products, as I’ve seen, follow the trends of the IP65 / IP67. There’re just a couple of IP68 watches, don’t know if the next future some new IP68 watch will be presented…

Yeah, in my opinion getting a newer one should be better. But hey, IPx8 features is just that good for many usage scenario.

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A little update…

2 weeks ago I bought a Microwear H8. I know, I know, it’s an old watch but for only 95 € I’ve decided to try it. Good idea ! :rofl: The package has been lost, I’ve raised an issue with Paypal, hope to get back my money in early future…

In the while, no way to choose a Rollme S08. It’s bigger than my laptop :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Its sizes are really too big for a normal man. And it’s one of the ugliest watch I’ve ever seen.

So, at the moment I’m waiting. Hope to discover other watches in these next few months that can fit my specs… At the moment, no new watch unfortunately.


why oh why did they have to screw it up so badly with this monstrosity on the top of the watch?
is there one sane watch maker in china who’ll understand that one little discreet front facing camera is more than enough if they absolutely must insist to put one on the watch?
no IP68 is a big no no too


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I hope so. I really liked the concept and the design of the old Kospet Brave.
Too bad the watch itself sucked big time.
But it did look really cool, was IP69 waterproof ( or they said it was, anyway kind of ground breaking for its time ) and most imprtantly it had no cameras :slight_smile:
a watch like that running android 10 would be what I’d want for this christmas.

now well, I’ll have to put my patience on it seems

@ fuuz I also think that putting cameras on these watches have been a great mistake since the start. Occupying space and adding bulk aspect to the device in favor of a useless feature. Apart from the newer models that come with front cameras, the “main” camera found on this kind of device is - pardon me who may think otherwise - a HUGE inutility.
If I need an at least passable camera in any scenario I’ll automatically go for my smartphone. Always.
I’ve never used my Kospet Hope camera. Never. It’s just pointless, for my taste and usage. Even if it had better specs. I can’t see myself relying on the watch for taking pictures, instead of my smartphone. I deeply respect the ones who may like it, of course.
Front facing cameras may have their place nowadays, due to the increasing interest in video calls - I give you that.
Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion. No intention to have the final word on the matter nor stablish undeniable truth or anything.

It is a pity that with very good features he does not have ip68!
How about thickness? These watches are getting too big and thick. But we’ll see. At the very least it will be different.

I hope Kospet will release square smartwatch that have far better battery than lem10… great job for Kospet Prime 2… this watch can still develop in terms of design, such as more smooth rounded side on its rotate camera.

There will be a new square watch from Ticwris called Max S.
But this has nothing to do with the competition so it is moved here


Still looking for MT6762 with 640x480 screen, 2500+mah battery REAL capacity and IP68 :smiley:
And a charger with usb port to the cradle, for easier changing the cable.

This will be a perfect replacement for my phone in daily usage :ok_hand:

…annoyingly, everyone has a different idea of the perfect smartwatch.:wink:

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haha just like my country idiom,
People have the same black head, but inside different altogether :grin: