A new watch is needed, after the summer... What to buy now?

Let’s hope that the case of the Prime watch is made of a different material

A lot of users here in the forum have the Kospet Prime. Such problems have not occurred in a single case.
If the rollme or twin you ordered has a comparable shelf life-
Then I will build an altar for her at home and kneel in front of it several times a day…


As far as i can tell, all watches with removable bands are made out of plastic (at least the body where the antennas are located).

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This is slowly becoming a bit off topic. I’ve cleaned up.

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Thx all for your opinions… :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look to models you told me. I hope that firmwares / root / TWRP are also available for these models, right ?

List of the current available MT6739 smartwatches:

All mentioned Watches:

  • MT6739 with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage
  • plastic chassis with a ceramic bezel
  • replaceable bands

Kospet Optimus Pro:

Kospet Prime:

  • 1.6" IPS 400x400
  • 1260mAH battery
  • 0.3MP front and 5.0MP side camera (GC0339 and GC5025)
  • IP67 (short-time waterproof)
  • dock charger

Lemfo LEM12:

  • 1.6" IPS 400x400
  • 900mAH battery
  • 0.3MP front and 5.0MP side camera (GC030A and GC5035)
  • IP67 (short-time waterproof)
  • magnetic charger

Kronosblade Genesis:

  • 1.6" LTPS 320x320
  • 900mAH battery
  • 0.3MP front and 5.0MP side camera (GC0339 and GC5035)
  • IP67 (short-time waterproof)
  • magnetic charger

Rollme S08:

  • false advertising
  • 1.6" IPS 400x400
  • 1260mAH battery
  • 2.0MP front and 2.0MP side camera (both are BF2206)
  • IP68 (long-time waterproof)
  • magnetic charger

Kospet Hope:

  • 1.39" AMOLED 400x400
  • 620mAH battery
  • 5MP side camera (GC5025)
  • IP67 (short-time waterproof)
  • magnetic charger (needs additional cable for data transfer)

Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro:

  • 1.6" LTPS 320x320 (note: the display is angular at the bottom)
  • 800mAH battery
  • no IP rating
  • ?MP front and ?MP side camera (unknown)
  • magnetic charger

Thx man ! Really helpful :sunny:

About the Kospet Optimus Pro, I’ve found here in the forum (but not only, in other forums and blogs too) that the quality of the materials is very poor, too easy to break the plastic chassis :frowning: Do you know if the other models are more or less on the same quality ?

The weak spot of the Optimus Pro seems around the brass fittings where the backplate is attached with screws.
This might be due to varying quality of the used plastics or possibly just a flaw in design.

Might be a potential issue for the other watches as well, although this kind of problem seems only related to the Optimus Pro.
Only the Rollme S08 seems to have a slightly other design with no visible screws on the backplate.

My Rollme just arrived today. Yeah, if it keeps out sweat and light to moderate rain I’ll be happy.

Says who ???


I was wondering, too???

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Maybe they are waiting for the Star Trek " Teleport Function " to be fully working :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I rather suspect that there are still thermal problems with the nuclear cell.


I’m using Lemfo LEM10… 3/32GB… squarish / rectangular watch. Have installed smart launcher 5 instead of the default one… .Because I’m using it as a phone too not just as a watch. I like it btw… the one I’m using has some GPS issue… but on the internet I found, it is perfect. So i think mine has some defect .

i did hear this also :+1:

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Sorry for speak clear: This is compleatly bullshit. Noone should wait for this watch…


There will be no Prime 2, or it won’t have this feature set ?
I must admit I got all excited by the thought of a Prime 2, even though I understood from the thread about it and actually by reading the article, that it is all guessing, but still I hoped the watch was to come in the hopefully not too far future…

kospet will most likely come with a new flagship watch sometime in the future, whether it will be the near future or not so near I have no idea, but I doubt that it will be called the prime 2


Well, I think to have to avoid the Rollme. It sounds great looking at the specs but it’s terribly ugly :frowning: The Kospet Prime looks better but it’s not IP68. At the moment, I can’t find a model for me unfortunately…

Well, if you won’t swim with it, the Prime is sweatproof and splashproof…