Important for all Android Watch owners - Google Error

To all new watch owners and anyone who resets their watch - all types.
There is an update from Google that will prevent you from accessing the play store as soon as you sign in.
Basically it is due to Play Services being out of date.
It will give a “failed to connect to server” error.
However, if you close your apps and use this app you will be ok.
You need to connected to Wi-Fi preferably, and signed in to your Google account before you run the app. At least, that’s my advice.

Help Play Services (2.9 MB)
It will update services and after that you will need to go to the play store app and access the settings for the play store.
In here you click on the play store version number and it will update within a few minutes…
Be patient.
Once you have done this you will have full access and you will see a message to update maps and the Google app etc…
This is happening more and more now so be prepared.
I will pin this post for a while for visibility.


@pablo11 how do i you do ? I received my Kospet Prime SE today and i dont know how do i get the files for download ? On the watch or in the PC ? Any toturial ?

You just connect to the PC with your USB cable.
You should get a pop up notification that allows you to choose USB connection type. Press on it.
If not then…
Go into watch settings and go to Connection and then USB and change to file transfer.

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Tanks a lot pablo11, its all done and working now in my LEM12, just in time. Tanks for your work and orientation!!


Thank you for this!! yesterday I lost connection and wondered what happened! This will buy us some time.

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Thanks so much for your help!! I just got a Zblaze Thor Pro and thought it had a system failure.

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Glad to help. :slight_smile:

Question. I haven’t seen this yet but I do have a lot of updates in the play store for my watch. Once I run those I WILL need this correct?

You will only need to use this if you factory reset or flash the watch or buy a new watch.

So basically if you have to sign in for first time

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hi just got kospet prime downloaded and installed file unfortunately still getting play store error. I know there are 3 or 4 apks needed to run playstore so perhaps im out of sync and need a complete set?
Why is it the watches are running such an old android version?
Thanks for any advice etc.

@view3dtv As I said, you have to update play services AND update the Play Store itself… As per the post at the top.
It can take a few minutes but if you want to speed it up, go to the play store menu and select “My apps and games” (after you have updated the Play Services using the app I attached) and check for updates. Install them and reboot.
Should update the Play Store automatically…

Just so you understand the situation - this is a FIX until I get the updated Google packages integrated with the firmware.

Just been delayed by the public holiday they just had in China.



Thanks for your quick reply I had updated all files you mentioned I guess something must of not got written correctly or some other glitch. Hope you had a great holiday in China! I look forward to updates as you can provide them.

I don’t think @pablo11 is having holidays… :smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Yes… I think I am not on holiday in China…
But there was a public holiday in China last week and so I was unable to talk to them until yesterday…

Will it be possible to have a newer version of the play services in upcomming firmware updates, so that we won’t have to struggle with this problem when resetting our watch, which is recommended when updating ?

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@Dotsfar Read my post, 3 posts above this one



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Looks like the same happened to me after upgrading to firmware 2.1b, even though I didn’t reset my watch, so I had a working play connection before and should have had after the upgrade. Will check again tomorrow, if it should be a temporary error.

It is not a temporary problem. But you can solve it permanently by following @pablo11 instructions.

10/4 commence update!!!