UPDATED POST! Firmware for Optimus Pro and Hope - UPDATED 18.09.2020 New version for Optimus Pro

As with most FW I upload - please use 7 zip to extract them!!

I’m going to post these here temporarily - until we get the proper Firmware storage sorted out.
Sadly I don’t have time to go through the “how to flash firmware” routine but it is posted here many times so please have a look around and maybe check out the many video tutorials on YouTube.
Make sure you choose the correct file for your watch!!
Flashing the HOPE with the Optimus firmware will brick your device!!

Our firmware is official and is provided to us directly from the board manufacturer - not the brands.
If you are flashing the correctly matched firmware for your device - use the “Firmware Upgrade” option in SP FlashTool.
If you are trying to cross flash devices or just not sure - use the “Download Only” option followed by a factory reset.
If you are unsure in any way - STOP!!
Understand the process before you continue .
Right through from installing the MTK V-Com drivers to selecting the correct options in the FlashTool.

I strongly recommend using the 7zip free extraction software to open these files and save them to your PC. In fact the HOPE firmware is compressed with 7zip so you will need it.
Some people are having issues with latest versions so here are some earlier versions. Personally I like version 2.6 but each experience can be different - probably due to variations in parts quality.

I am adding a new Optimus Pro firmware. It is for the 3gb + 32gb model.
NEW - Added a new menu item to the app list.
It is kind of “tuning” app.
You can freeze apps, change compatibility, move from performance mode to normal mode and a couple of other options.
The performance option is an attempt to help with the system getting hot.
If you switch to normal mode then hopefully the heat will not be a problem.
These options were a bit buried in previous versions so it will be interesting to see if this helps at all.

Latest Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB FW v3.3_20200902

Latest Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB FW v3.2_20200718

Latest Kospet Optimus - Lite 2gb + 16gb vV3.0_20200704

Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB download v2.5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_8pC2OQ1rOEVedcPkO8U3JQDwO4HiAfB/view?usp=sharing

Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB download v2.6: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OAVOTOkBlBWakGOT8DqnTq8w4mSf8kFq/view?usp=sharing

Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB download v2.7:

Kospet Optimus Pro 3GB/32GB New beta testing FW v3.0

Kospet Optimus Lite 2GB/16GB download v2.5:

Kospet HOPE download:

V4.0 brings the lates UI tweaks that have been added to other models - to the Optimus Pro.

Any issues with play store sign in server error can be fixed using method here Important for all Android Watch owners - Google Error until the Google apps get updated in the firmware.

Here is a tip for helping people with low speaker volume issue. People who do not have the little pressure relief valve hole on the rear cover of the watch.
I have tested and I am sure that this will help those people who are having low speaker volume issues. As always - YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
It’s actually very simple to do - very carefully remove the rear cover of the watch. Take out the 4 little screws holding it down and VERY gently pry open the case at the rear with a plastic tool or tooth pick. It is a VERY tight fit - so be very careful!!
Gently lift the cover but do not try to pull it away from the watch. It is not necessary.
Then just replace the cover and replace the 4 screws. That’s it :slight_smile:
I have tested this and I can confirm that once the cover is replaced the speaker functions normally.
I guess the seal must be creating a vacuum and it affects the sound. You can try this if you want to.


Question… Why does this not update via the built-in firmware update that is already on the watch?

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Probably because the brand has not made arrangements for it yet I guess…
It will come along sooner or later… It might be that they are waiting for the next version before they issue an OTA?


This says: Hope_B_20190320
Is this the same one that’s been available OTA for the Hope for some time now?

The one I’ve been using were the ones from the Kospet forums, Hope_B_20190305. Are there actually differences, or are they the same firmware, the 20190320 just dated later since it was reissued for OTA; Where the 20190305 was for manual download only?
If you don’t know, that’s cool. Just curious is all. I’m not going to update. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And my watch is running great right now.

Thank you! I was hoping that was the case.

Hi @pablo11 Thank you for updates!!! Do you know if this software for Optimus includes working GPS in the fitness app?

When I first got the Optimus, there was an update by wifi, but eventually had to factory reset because of a microphone bug. Then after the reset there was no update available.

I wonder does that mean they didnt push the update to me?

It does not have this.
But I have the app now and I will edit the apk and upload it soon.
Just bare with me as I am extremely busy at the moment.
But don’t worry, it’s coming.


No, as I said before… The brand (Kospet) has not released the OTA.
I have access to these versions from the board manufacturer because I work with them and we are partners.

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That’s good news :slight_smile: Hope you’ll bring us the option to edit always on time display as well when youll have a moment too!!! Thanks for the info.

As you say - if it’s working well for you then be happy :slight_smile:

No, that’s not gonna happen.
We spent a lot of time on that one already.
Trying to strike a balance between power drain and keeping customers happy.
It’s a very time consuming process and considering it was not available until the m6739 soc arrived - it’s pretty good.

I’m not saying it absolutely will not change in the future but at the moment it’s functional and practical… At least on the regular Android watches.
The Dual Chip watches - it did not work out so well :frowning:

I understand. Hope it’s going to be easier in Android 8. from what I know Always On Display was official from this firmware.

Android 8? No…
I don’t know if you are aware but these devices are not appreciated by Google.
They will not license Android to be used on them.
From Android 8 Oreo onwards, regular google Android will not work.

Android GO will be the way we continue.
It’s in dev right now.


Things are much complicated that I thought. Squeeze my fingers for you guys. If you need any help from a graphic designer, let me know!!!
My dream Always On Time with as little changes as possible:


at the Kospet site they say a Computer With Win7 system is needed when flashing the firmware. Would a windows 10 comp work?

edit: It seems I’ve got it right. looks good so far

Worked fine for me. Wish there was a changelog

seems like the watch gets much warmer than before

What is up with Android Go anyways? My brother has a phone with android go, and it seems very neutered. Like the google assistant isn’t fully functional, i can’t just turn on his phone and ask it stuff, and i can’t seem to enable that feature.

Not sure if we can install the normal Google App and the normal google assistant app on Android Go.

I believe it should be possible, maybe you will need to have rooted it, but from what I can understand it should be possible.