Gaofit user registration

Has anybody faced issues with Gaofit app not registering new users. Infact there is no options only.
I am using Optimus 2 and not able to register on Gaofit.

To be honest its a waste of time . Use Watchdroid which you can find on this forum . Much better , widely used and stable


Thanks folks

Personally I don’t feel comfortable registering for a cloud service run in China.
Totally agree with @Dr_Andy_Vishnu about WatchDroid, and if you read around the forum, I believe some people have worked out how to get Google Fit to work.
But not 100 % sure about that.

I don’t think these devices are really that good for fitness apps… Not sweat resistant really.


I agree to your point pablo, but I had not options then to buy kospet as this is the only 4G smartwatch i for available…
I will try Watchdroid and see if my needs are taken care.

Ok, let us know if we can help with anything… :+1:

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