HeartFit - track heart rate

HeartFit continuously monitors your heart rate and optionally announces it periodically and syncs to Google Fit and Sleep as Android.

Due to Google restrictions, if you sync to Fit you will need to register as a tester while HeartFit is in the testing phase. Please message me your email address if you wish to register.

Download HeartFit 1.6 - heartfit1.6.apk - Google Drive

Added advanced settings

Heart rate overly.
Auto tracking during Fit workouts and sleep.

Syncing to Fit no longer required.
Sync to Sleep as Android for more accurate sleep tracking.

Fixed bug where voice readings disrupted measurements.

New algorithm that makes the measure time setting unnecessary,


This is great, i loved Heart on top and I was so disappointed when it stopped working.

hi, i would like to try this, but when i put it in my kp2 i get no further than the gmail adress…do you need to do something from you end? thanx

I need to add you to the testers list. Please private message me your Google account email address.

pm sent…thanx

Hi. I have lemfo lem15. I try this app. How can I use?

You have already posted about this in another thread . Have you installed it yet ?

Hi try this app. v1.1.1. allow all permissions. but when I select account for Google fit there is white screen and charging. this is prinscreen from my phone. but is same from smartwatch

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@ serjtk @ Alexander_Gutierrez added!


Hi. from yesterday I’m monitoring heart rate. but do not send any data to google fit. fit was already installed

Try pausing and restarting recording. If that doesn’t work try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Also make sure that HeartFit has battery optimizations disabled.


private message sent please add me to the app

sorry for some reason miss the m at the end @gmail.com

This works well with sending continuous data to Google FIT. What I did was to start a tracked exercise in Google FIT and separately a session in HeartFit with continuous measurement, and got a good looking graph in FIT. Is there a way to start HeartFit automatically? And second question, is there way to draw the HR on top of the screen (similar to HeartOnTop earlier)?


Do you mean automatically start it when you start a Fit workout? I think I can do that. Instead of an overlay would a screen always on option be acceptable?

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Yes, thinking of automatic start. Maybe to explain a bit, the use I’m looking for is e.g. when running to have all interesting data in the screen. I haven’t found any good solution from stock apps, the Google Fit is closest but without HR. So the Fit with HR overlay could be like the picture.

The second part of the case is to have the data exported e.g. to Google Fit - so you can view the run in there as map, speed, and HR during the run.


Just to add, I’m really looking for a simple solution that would use the big screen of Kospet Note to provide information that is useful in the run. Big letters and most important at the right side for easy viewing. If anyone knows a solution that would be something like this picture, glad to try. I’ve checked e.g. myrunningapp, and that’s too cramped with information.

New version posted at the top of the thread. What’s new:

  • Syncing to Google Fit no longer required
  • Sync to Sleep as Android for more accurate sleep tracking

If you’re already a HeartFit user you will need to re-enable syncing to Fit in the settings.

@diipadaa I’ll get to your requests soon.