FAW Beta Firmware Project

Please see my latest post below - at the bottom of this thread.

Last four threads closed because:

The madness was not sustainable

a) People having upgrade issues.
b) People expecting beta firmware to be used as daily firmware.
c) People asking for functionality that is outside of this project.

These are the main issues that have brought us to where we are - in a mess.

We need to return to the real reason we were asked to do this.
The agreement with the solution provider is:
a) to provide a firmware for international users who are using Google apps and syncing their Google data.
b) to remove or replace Chinese web dependencies that were in the stock firmware (due to the great firewall)
c) get the best battery life possible by removing custom apps and “just make it work!” solutions.
d) improve security

These are and will be our main focus with this project.
So - I believe the best way forward is to have a stable base version that meets these criteria (like we had for the Prime 2 when all this started) and then the beta section for the testing of future UI improvements etc.
I think this is where we need to be again.
With one, clear set of instructions for the update process.
If that process does not suit everyone - we should not change it.
It should be understood by all, and not customised for a couple of users who have issues with it.
That is why we have ended up in this whirlwind.



In my opinion the FAW software is very good, my lem 12 pro has become a usable watch, I regret so much that you closed the threads about this software, do not stop improving it, I was eagerly waiting every day for new beta releases, everyone understands perfectly well that these are versions beta and not finishes may work properly, and I guess that’s the point of perfecting them. Anyway, greeting to the creators for what they have already created and devoted their time and knowledge. I hope they will come back to work on this project someday


in my opinion, just do it as you want. and

Need more function?
install app from app store or fdroid or something else.

it’s a FULL android watch, not wear os watch, not apple watch.
just check and concern about only basic function.
other android custom frimware, like lineage os, provide rom only, not all function.
They only check functional bug.
so focus on basic function.

PS : In my really private opinion, I really agree with none’s thought. How many programmers concerned about app’s dependency problem?
He is a really good man.


The FAW 1.2 S10Pro works great for me. It replaced the old stock programs with googles versions. I only had to add a few more google apps to cover all my needs (and they all integrate) The battery life is very good. I get about 18 hours from a charge even leaving google sync running. This includes using GPS and Heart fit while I’m tracking my 45 run with google fit. Usually making 4 or 5 phone calls and numerous chats/texts.

I’m not sure what other tweaks to the firmware you plan on making. any improvement in battery life is always good.



I just missed out on b4 so waiting for it to become available again

But for me b3 had been the best and most stable my watch had been for some time

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I don’t have the temperament for beta testing so I just sit ,waiting in the wings, for a stable release.


Thanks, important feedback :+1:

I flashed the v1.3B3 Version and it worked super good for me!
Stabel enough for my needs. Yes, the closed Thread become confusing!
Most people do not read carefully or not at all!I like to test more beta versions, this is promissing a Watch or Device we never had bevore. @none and @pablo11 you are really great Devs, and thank you for doing this hard work.
Its easy to steer a small ship, but very big ships like this - not so easy!
In my opinion: You do it very good!


I use 1.2 version on my Optimus 2 and it’s very functional and stable, thank you @none and @pablo11 !
In my opinion, the ability to put widgets, like UL, would make your FAW perfect… It’s something that everyone would use. But i’m thankful that you improve my smartwatch experience.

Thanks, we do appreciate your feedback.
We will get back to a more structured approach to the firmware. It will not be long :+1:

Yes I understand that this is desirable, but it is not in our agreement with the people we collaborate with.
Responding to customisation requests was one of the reasons we ended up in trouble last time…
I’m not saying it would never happen, but it would be on the end of the list.
Stable, power efficient and improved compatibility with Google apps is the top priority.

Yes, i read it, but i thought we could make some suggestions… Noone puts a gun in your head, i admire what @none and you have done .

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Hi Pablo,
Thanks for you and the team for this fantastic job,some ideas for the rebuild :

  • no more mix between messages,answers and reference firmware releases in a same thread, for instance a dedicated thread for stock and faw releases with the different upgrade procedures and only that
  • before submitting a message,extended parameters associated with each member profile of the forum should be checked such as smartwatch model,original stock firmware,current firmware release,purpose of the message …and so on, in order to be able to filter and manage automatically the messages in the right thread…of course this needs an important effort in the rebuild but it should be more comfortable for all the managers of the forum
  • as you mention it above,clearly defining the content of à release and stick to that content in spite of demands which can lead to ’” spaghetti code” as soon as non expected numerous demands are included in the release
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However, it is comments like this that are needed to help us make some tough decisions.
It re-enforces the way we will need to proceed.

Thanks @Sergio256.

@pablo11, I interpret “Noone” in “Noone puts a gun in your head” to mean “no one” / “nobody” and not @none, though it’s not entirely clear, especially since he does mention @none later in the sentence


Ha ha, thanks @noidremained and my apologies to @Giorgos_Tsarouchas

Sometimes I can misunderstand responses…
I hope you are not offended.
I removed my mistake :handshake:



I bought the Prime 2 because I already knew about full android smartwatches. So I knew the limitations of stock software for good or bad. Since installing FAW my usage has changed completely, for the better. Let’s also remember that we are talking about beta versions so it is normal for problems to arise. Thanks to all the community staff for all the work done so far. I hope the development continues.

English is not my native language and sometimes i use google translation :sweat_smile: Of course i meant “No one” :yum: Guys, i wouldn’t put press on you… Maybe Kospet, but not you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This kind of thing will get you excluded from the new beta program.
So please don’t ask people to send firmware.