Difficulties upgrading

You are using the stockfirmware at the moment…

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Ah okay, which do you recommend to use at the moment?

Read up on how to install the international firmware .


Just use FAW v1.0 coming from stock and see what you think of it :+1:

Need to flash faw 1.0 right?
Because when I flash tool tries to download scatter file says invalid file

I dont think you ever read the instructions correctly ?? You ask many questions over and over without reading . You do not flash V1.0 . You use the local update method


At the very start when just FAW 1.0 just released instructions tells that u need to flash right? Or I missed something?
Me always did like that

well, yes the faw firmware was initially made for flashing with sp flash tools, but that changed a long time ago. I thought that you learned that it needs to be done with local update 11 days ago


Thnx a lot for information.
Soz for bothering :grin::grin::grin:

Hope they will fix FAW soon.More I using watch with original firmware than more I regret that I bought prime 2 :sweat::sweat:

When you say yes u mean I can download directly bwta 4?

Can you tell why u changed 2.1 to beta? Did you find some uncomfortable bugs?
P.S if notifications will be fixed it would be perfect version for me)))

I use FAW because there is a double tap, Google services work perfectly, the menu is much smoother and simpler. The settings, the file manager work better and the battery I think has more autonomy. The sport and fitness part doesn’t interest me. I bought this smartwatch for notifications or to sometimes leave the smartphone at home. I use Nova Launcher and the Prime2 becomes perfect :+1:


Maybe u would laugh but I use smartwatch for listening to music in youtube :grin:

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These watches would be much more successful if they were square. In my opinion the right size is the one a little bigger than the square mode of the Prime2. It would be perfect, all applications would be accessed without any problems. And listening to music on YouTube would be easier too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

at start wanted to buy square watch but I thought it would be too big but now I regret that I didn’t buy square watch(((

Thread closed until further notice.

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