COMPETITION TIME - Kospet Prime 2 = Ended

Hi everyone.
It’s competition time again :tada: :tada:
We are excited to announce that in cooperation with Kospet we have an amazing prize to offer to TEN lucky winners. Yes 10 :slight_smile:
Each winner will receive a brand-new Android 10 Kospet Prime 2 watch, sent directly to them by Kospet.

Postage will not be by DHL – they are just too expensive and attract import duty.

This model has not hit the market yet – so only a few weeks to go.

It is a stunning device, with a p22 MT6762 eight core processor, addressing 4gb ram and a whopping 64gb of storage (about 54gb after install of system files). One of the first 64bit Android 10 devices to come to our market. This first generation of the Android 10 solution does not have NFC for various reasons.

This model is aimed at the enthusiast. After listening to all the requests for bigger screens, more power, better battery and Android 10 – this is the response from Kospet. It has a 2.1 inch, fully available (no flat tyre) 480x480 resolution display. A bright, round screen with a full-size experience for the end user.
This model is not waterproof

The Prime 2 camera is a world first!
As you can see from the photo – it is usable for face-unlock and face time apps or it can be rotated to face forward and take high resolution content photos! Using a high-quality Sony auto focus module, the picture quality is great.

Power is supplied using a high capacity 1600mAh battery. EDIT - sadly the wireless charging system has been suspended for now. The problem is that the tiny pcb controller is causing degraded Wi-Fi signal. Even when it is not being used. So further development is needed and, like NFC - it will be a future enhancement


Here is your chance to win one of these premium devices!
To keep this simple we only require three watch faces from each contestant to win. The faces submitted will need to be compatible with the stock launcher and so if you use the software we have linked here – you will be ok. It is designed to use all the parameters available in the watch launcher. Be sure to save the format as .zip as we are looking for similar compatibility as the original Kospet Prime.

You can submit more if you want - but ultimately the 3 best faces you submit (from each contestant) will be chosen.

This competition is open to any of our forum members that do not earn money from professional watch face designing.
To be fair it is aimed at people who have a passion for the watches and are not earning money by making watch faces. These people can buy their own !

The designs have to be ORIGINAL works. No designs based on brands (Rolex, TAG, Seiko for example) or copies of other existing designs that are not yours will be accepted. Yes – we will check!!

Your submissions must be emailed to by midnight on the 27th September, New York time zone.
Email the link to the completed faces – plus the display image.

Do not publish it publicly!

The winning faces will be owned by Kospet and used in any way they see fit.

Credit to the designer will be displayed on the Kospet website – as well as ours.

Please put the words KOSPET COMPETITION in the email subject and be sure to state your forum user name in your email as well, before you send in your work. Any questions – please ask them here and by email or PM.

There are links included here to software for creating watch faces to help you with your work – it is all you need to succeed!
Many thanks to this community member @Marco_Ferreira - he has made these fantastic tools for you all.
Watch-Face Designer.

This software really is all you need to create a masterpiece. Check the face forums for more details.

Just to be clear, again……
No BRAND copies at all will be allowed.
ONLY original works accepted.
NO WATCH MAKER, WearOS or Facer faces will be accepted.
The COMPLETE faces and primary image must be available in the link you send in your email or it will be discarded.
So don’t just submit an image file because it will be rejected.
The winning faces will become the property of Kospet and will be used on their watches and advertising media etc ….
This competition is open to anyone who wants to try for it – but you need to be a member here to access the competition. So if you have not already - simply sign up today.

Good luck everybody !!


The FAW team.



Hi Pablo,
I am very happy to hear about the release of Kospet Prime 2.
I gave you a little advertisement on youtube :wink:
Do you know if the screen will be amoled because with Android 10 it would be ideal to manage the screen in black?

If you google the display specification (2.1" 480x480) you find a ST7701 IPS LCD Panel.
Im pretty sure they are using this exact type of panel as even the touchscreen (Focaltech FT3267) is in line with the previous models.


Yes you are probably right, we cannot find amoled screens 2.1" 480x480 on the net.

I was hoping for transflective - I can barely see my Prime screen in bright sunlight.

Uhh, I hope some arrangement has been made to secure that rotatable camera, it looks like it will be a case of many users with the camera torn off…


What is your channel ?

What does one include in the email submission? A link to the .zip face? And what is meant by " completed faces – plus the display image"

Yes, like you would normally do on a post, an image of the skin and the zip file. If it’s really too big, you can put a link.



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Merci, and thanks for the clarification

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Where’s gyuri? He needs to enter that one he made recently - it’s a winner IMO. This one:

No way. We need unpublished watchfaces. But mayme he will do some others for this competition.

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Thanks for the YouTube touch… Very nice :+1::+1::handshake:
Yeah it’s ips. Cannot get amoled screens anywhere near this size…


Camera is not going to be easy to pull off I can assure you…
The screen is very bright though.
But not reflective like the Thor Pro or the Genesis.
That screen is the only reflective screen available and is 1.58".
This one is 2.1 "


@G1NT0N1C - Oh so not even ones posted up here. I guess I missed that point. I’ve tried working with the Watch face designer and I’m sure I wouldn’t stand a chance at making anything decent but I think based on what gyuri made he must have a good handle on how to make interesting designs. I’ll admit I haven’t looked around here much at watch faces though so there may be many others adept with this too. Good luck all.

I will clarify this with Kospet.
It may be that if you own the design yourself and you published here - it may be allowed.
You defiantly have to have made the watch faces yourself.
Usually pre published are not allowed because arguments start about ownership etc…
It’s got to be designed and built by the person who submits it.


The screen is ips no problem I will still try in less than 20 days to learn how to use the software to make a watch face.
I’m motivated because the Kospet Prime 2 looks very good.


I think you will find it is easier than you think :+1::+1:


:clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: