Android 10 has landed - official announcement

I don’t think we have any information about the software features it will bring. The main advantage with Android 10 is power management, security and compatibility.

Android suffered a huge change in the transition from 7.1.2 to 8.0. It was important enough to require a new kernel binder, and a lot of apps needed to be updated in order to function correctly (this is not completely true, but just so you can understand the advantages).

This means that now, with Android 10 we will be covered for a long time when it comes to app compatibility, as I don’t think Android will make any important changes like this one anytime soon. Android 10 also comes with native dark mode, which is very useful in AMOLED watches, and simulates the Android Wear experience a lot better.

Another advantage is the native gesture navigation, for which most apps are optimized. This means that you won’t get random “back” presses when swiping through an app, it’s now needed to do it from the edge.


@Gianluca_Borrelli, It’s not just the Android version that enables NFC - you need the hardware in the watch or phone for it to work. I personally never use NFC and consider it somewhat of a security risk to use a phone or watch to make payments with.


The current solution requires an add on module for NFC but the second generation board will have NFC built in.
The only problem is that to use it for any real benefit then security and other build certificates have to be absolutely correct and matching.
This will always be a serious challenge as these are not flavour of the month with the app ecosystem.

My suggestion is that we don’t mention that g word as much as we can. Especially until this stuff hits the market.

What I can say on a more positive note is that we will be hosting a watch face competition for the Prime 2 and several will be available as prizes.

More details will be coming very soon. :+1:


Thanks to alla for explainations.


The price is expected to be 200 - 250 USD…


hello , pablo11
This is great news, thank you. the dial one should make for you and ( display 400x400 or 480x480 ) ?

400×400. Thanks.

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ok thanks for the reply :+1:t2:

how do we share the dial with you?
do you need a picture ?
we share it and to whom?

It’s all written in the post about the competition.

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sorry I hadn’t seen the ad. i just saw ok thanks

Very exciting news - can’t wait to get one :yum:

Do you have more pictures than the one in the competition advertisement ?

Yes but at the moment they are private

Argh :grimacing:
When do you think more can be revealed ?

These are private photos of the pre-production model. We will not publish these. But there will be more official photos soon.
We ask for patience.

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And for the million dollar question: BT Calling back on the menu?


No, not for the moment.

Does it have the same Ceramic front as Kospet Prime (1) ?