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The purpose of this post is to encourage members to ask “what if” questions. As a relatively new member of this awesome forum, I have - from time to time - asked questions that I believe have benefited the community. Three cases in point:

  1. Why can’t moon phase arrays reflect 28-29 phases (rather than just the usual 8 phases)? SOLVED by @Eric_Crochemore!

  2. Is there an app that can rotate watch skins on a hourly basis,? SOLVED by @iscle

  3. Why does WFD crash so often when designing complicated skins? SOLVED by @Marco_Ferreira

My thanks to these intrepid innovators!


Finow x7 strap replaceable or not. ?

No, finow x7 has fixed straps

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I have an Optimus Pro but these questions might help others. Any way to mute boot sound? Any way to turn off unused circuits to save a little battery time like the phone hardware for those of us that use their watch as just a watch? Can these be added to new software updates?

The main thread of the Kospet Optimus Pro contains very detailed energy saving tips. I can only recommend reading this. Besides, I would post my question there and not here.

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Is it any way to change metalic chain? What happened when strap get damaged. Is it any way by doing electronic operation of watch and straps ?

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If you want to mute the boot sounds, you could change your watch’s audio profile to silent
If you want to remove the audio, you would need a rooted watch and a file explorer with root support (like fx), then go to /system/media and delete the two MP3 files

Oops, sorry. I saw the title of the thread and thought “Ok”.

Dear all members.
My finow x7 display is not working in watch mode. After putting watch face (changer xmas. Zip) in skin folder. But before all other watch face download from this site was working nicely. Today I found this watch face and I installed it as regular I did. But this is unfortunate. Now I am unable to delete that file because I am unable to open the folder of internal memory. With power button it can be reboot, on off. Now my problem is how to go in recovery mode to format the watch or factory reset. I did not found any solution. Please help. I only want to factory reset. Now it on but touch screen not working with blank display in normal mode. Please help me to factory reset with key as screen not working.

please try the following: turn the clock off and then on again. When starting up, quickly swipe to the side (where the app drawer is). There is a small time window that you have to meet. you will probably need several tries, but it works.

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Thanks for guidance, but unable to do so. Then I took a risk and flashed with firmware available on this site and got success. Now it is a risk to use watch face blindly.

You can actually download all faces safely here. I suspect that you installed a face from the section Universal Launcher Faces, even though you run the stock launcher. You should avoid that.

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Thanks for assistance.

Dear members, I want to put more clock skin in clock skin folder of watch. But it allows only one If I like to check /install another clock skin, I do have to delete the first one in that folder and after I able to push the second one one. If I put two skin in the skin folder of the watch it failed to work. Have any solution?
Waiting for reply.

How are you putting watch faces in clockskin folders ? Are you using a pc

Why not using clockskin transfer? It is ideot-proof.
@S_K_Suman: I do not mean you’re an idiot. But it’s the easiest way, in my opinion.

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Each skin must be in a separate folder. Have you looked at our YT channel tutorials ?


New subject… Is there a guide to writing codes for arrays? Specifically, the structure, etc Need since often when I - as a novice - try to edit a code, it often results in a skin that will do open on the watch (although the clock_skin_model does.

Again thanks in advance - just trying to get to the point I don’t have to bother you so often!

I posted something here. :