App to add volume controls to clock skins

Ninja’d by @Dr_Andy_Vishnu but didn’t know when I first posted. His app is here: Volume Controlling Face

Here’s a small app I made to add volume controls to clock skins. This is slightly different than @Dr_Andy_Vishnu 's in that this brings up the slider where you can also further modify other volumes and only requires a single apk install to get all of the volume options.

Update to version 1.1:

  • Added additional volume control options for phone, system, notifications and alarns
  • The new notifications use special toast notification that tells you the new volume number and goes away very quickly (.5 seconds) so you can click again on your touch zone to continue adjusting volume without interruptions.
  • The older methods are still valid and bring up the volume control slider defaulting to Media volume

In your clock_skin.xml for the touch zones (arraytype 100) use the following action after installing this app to control:

These bring up the slider


These activities use the quick toast


For example, to add a zone for simply opening the Volume, you would use the something like the following:


Here’s a few screencaps of my custom clockskin with some volume buttons and the control popping up after clicking on volume down using the /.VolumeDown activity (1st) and the .LowerSystemVolume activity (2nd):
screen3 screen2

Note, if trying to open the APK nothing happens, this is by design. It only runs when the activity is called then immediately closes again. Also, if you try to click volume down or up again, the control simply disappears so you have to click twice to keep it moving. You can just use the slider or also, just use the open action only which doesn’t change anything.

If you’re interested in using the clockskin or just want to look at it for an example, you can download it here:

This of course requires the above APK be installed. It has custom touch zones for multiple apps on there (WatchDroid, Duo, TinyCam pro, FitoTrack and WeoWow weather) and it has miles instead of KM 'cause the USA is stupid and still uses imperial instead of metric. This is an extremely modified version of this clock skin here . I don’t know who the original creator is.


Great work and very usefull . I have just sent you a PM . Thanks again

Thanks for this app !

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Yeah, I found your thread afterward. I tried to remove my post but I couldn’t figure out how :frowning:

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No need to remove it, great work! :handshake:

No need . I just thought i’d share with you and to save you time . Thanks for your efforts :+1:

This is very useful!. Great utility!.
@joojoobee666 would it be possible to share this watchface with volume control enabled?
I am not a watch programmer and won’t be able to edit the code.

Thanks for editing your post :+1: . Makes easier for watchface designers to understand especially when using this

Yes, sure but be aware I also have custom touches for multiple apps on there (WatchDroid, Duo, TinyCam pro and FitoTrack and WeoWow weather) and it has Miles instead of KM cause the USA is stupid and still uses imperial instead of metric. But here is a zip of it for reference:

Note: This is an extremely modified version of this clock skin here. I don’t know who the original creator is.

Thanks for the watchface. Looks awesome on Optimus 2. But only the settings function is working. Vol up/ down doesn’t have any effect.
I played a song through stock music app and tried to control volume from the watchface. Hope this watchface works on stock launcher.
Please help.

Did you install the apk?

Ha…gosh so it will need apk. Lemme try.

Yes now the volume control works…but only the UP (+) works and not the DOWN (-). When I click on + a slide rocker appears in the right side but with - nothing happens.

I got it right now this time. What is happening is, if i touch on the button it doesnt work but if i press quite a distant away then it works?!. From a lay-man perspective is it that the control area has shifted?

Yeah, you may need to play with the positioning in the XML. Try modifying the centerX and CenterY in the clock_skin.xml where 0,0 is dead center of the screen. The touch zone are labeled at the bottom of the XML.

OK. Will try that too.
Now, if i want to go back to earlier state (meaning without a volume widget apk) is it possible to kill apk?. Do I have to uninstall this apk or you have designed it such a way that it doesn’t consume resources and remains idle if this specific watchface is not used?

The apk does not stay running so if it stays installed, it will not uses resources. It only opens when the clock face calls the activity from it, and as soon as that completes it closes again.


Clever job!

FYI, I updated the clockskin and added the link to the main post. I re-calculated the positions for the touch zones so they should all be dead-on accurate now.