Animation fix for clockskins

As you will know some of your animated clockskins are not working on some of the newer watches ( depending on the firmware you have installed ) . Until this is fixed across all watches this is a temporary fix . This file explains how to manually edit your clockskins . Feel free to ask any questions . Thanks

Special thanks to -

@G1NT0N1C and @pablo11


Well done, doc!:+1:

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Thanks mate . Teamwork :wink:

needs to be added ?

Yes . Pure magic :+1::wink:

I didn’t told you??? Sorry Eric, I thought I allready did!


It’s excellent👋

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Thanks for doing this @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

It’s really useful for most because only new watches will have this fix.

However, I tested the new lem12 pro firmware and it is missing.
So I have asked them to address this and make it standard for all new devices.

The Kospet Power needs the fix as well.

Great job, thanks mate.

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Your welcome . And lets not forget the SO8 v1.4 :wink:

Ha ha ha, heaven forbid… :joy::joy:

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