Advice for a new owner

I am having problems accessing and posting ti this forum. I have downloaded the flashing tutorial and flashing tools zip. i will read the PDF and readme before i proceed. Anything else i should read before flashing?


If you have never flashed firmware before, then yes.
There are many more videos and a lot of information for you if you just search for it.

On the Internet search for Using SP Flash Tools for MTK devices.

On here - just search for flashing firmware.

On Mr Ticks’s YouTube channel just search for flashing firmware.

FYI, apart from the website being offline for a few days - you have no issues posting here as far as I can see.

You are a level 2 member.
You can post any thread as long as it has not been locked.


Pablo, I flashed a lot of firmware before I went to the “dark side” several years ago. Back on Android now.

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Cool, then I am surprised that you needed to ask those questions…
You already know that refreshing your knowledge of the task at hand is a good idea :+1::+1:

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FWIW for the previous phones i used TWRP.

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I flashed the FAW ROM and did a factory reset. My latop sees the Prime2 but not the subdirectories. Do i need to change some settings?

Yes, that’s what you have to do. :innocent:

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I wanted to post my experience as a long time follower of these forums but a first time owner of an android watch. 1) for the standby time, I’ve found that I left it overnight, all network adapters in, connected to my Bluetooth earphones and my WiFi. And it drained 28% in 8 hours. Is that normal? Is there any way to get more juice?

Next I have an issue with the apps I downloaded. They are all showing the tablet version, is there someway i can fix this? Is there a way to get the apps to zoom in?

Prime 2 with factory firmware, yep that’s pretty much why everyone turns off any connectivity when they are not using them.
28% with all that enabled… I’d say it was about normal. Especially if it is the first time you have used it and includes set up etc…

Is there anyway to sort out app scaling?

Do you already know about longpress power and choose the square/round screen format (which is just scaling) ?


This I know but it’s not the issue. I think it is a screen orientation issue where I see the landscape version of the app, not the portrait version

Do you have a rotation app installed, which can rotate between landscape and portrait?
Or have you tweaked any settings like the screen DPI or developer settings?

When it rotates, it rotates the actual screen so i don’t think that works. When I tweaked the DPI, that also didn’t make a difference, so I really am not sure. Is there a way to root/ I’m thinking it make sense to use titanium to backup my data and then install faw and then redo my backups. Also is anyone experiencing a bluey tint on their photos.

@piemanny Have you checked that third party app scaling is not enabled?
I think the setting is in the “Optimisation” app if you are using stock factory firmware and is like the photo below.
If you are using the FAW international firmware you should not have this problem.
Regarding the camera, try changing to a different camera app and test if the blue tint is still there. This can be a side effect on factory firmware because the face unlock app is custom made and a lot of code for the camera was modified to make it work.


So that setting was on, but i turned it off and unfortunately there wasn’t any effect

Have you tested the FAW international firmware?
The last factory firmware v2.1 was known to have formatting issues.

This is a Prime 2 you are using right?

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