Advice for a new owner

Somewhat late, but mine should arrive next week. Anything I should know right off of the bat? Like which phone app is preferred for pairing with android phones?

Please read this post, it will help you


I will do that, thanks… Anyone else with advice?

No. This is the app you should use.


Anything else I need to know while initializing the watch?

All you need to know is the first time you turn on a new android phone. The watch offers a connection procedure (a QR code is displayed). Skip this step. That’s it and no more.

will do that, thanks.

It has arrived. Nothing first to do short of starting it up, and paring it with watch droid phone app?

Factory reset before you start anything . If a new firmware is available download , install and factory reset again :+1:

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Already did the factory reset. My firmware version is 2.1, so i do not know if i have any updates. No doubt I will have more questions.

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Sideloaded watch droid assiatnt. The QR code pairing did not work, so I paired manually. I am uncertain that the watch droid apps are working, as the watch’s time is not the same and the phone. Are there things to do, to verifiy the apps are correctly working?

For me i pair manually THEN use the QR code . Then make sure you have done this to the watch app

Dr Andy and Pablo
I manually paired but did not get the QR code. I can get some Gmail
notifications, but the play store says I have no internet connection.
Should I unpair uninstall the 2 apps, And follow a foolproof procedure?

You’re wrong somewhere. Watchdroid will not set the clock and you will not have an internet connection with it. You need to set the exact time and date if you did not put a sim card in your watch. And your internet connection is possible in 3 different ways

  1. data with sim card
  2. Through Wi-Fi
  3. Bt with internet sharing
    Which version did you try?
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BT with internet sharing.
I should use Wiiware 2 for BT internet?

Forget wiiwear as if it doesn’t even exist.
(In reality, it no longer exists. It’s now called Gaofit and requires 2.2 firmware for prime2.)
No required application for Bt Internet.
You must enable in the hotspot setting your phone.

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Since I am paired, just delete the watch droid apps?
With no app, how do I insure notifications get passed?

You first asked about the internet connection. I answered you. It has nothing to do with notifications. Don’t get mad, but you completely mix unrelated features. The watchdroid handles notifications. The watchdroid notifications that appear on your watch are notifications on your phone and have nothing to do with your watch’s internet access.


I am not mad at anyone.
i may be paired but settings claims i have no Internet access. I have no idea if Android 12 is the problem.
What do I try now? Unpair, uninstall and reinstall both Droid watch apps, then?

Understand now!
That’s not the thing.

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