Advice for a new owner

That is correct, I’ have not tested the international firmware. I’m looking to find the time so I can root my current firmware, use titanium backup to back up the data and then wipe and flash the new firmware. Unfortunately it took me about 4 hours to set up my Prime 2 and I just don’t have that time to waste. Do you have any other suggestions for backup

during the rooting process the watch will be factory reset, so looking for other backup methods instead sounds like a good idea


And let us know how you get on with the root process and what you will be able to achieve with root👌

I didn’t root the phone, but I wanted to share my experiences as new first time user. Firstly, the FAW firmware is a game changer! IT IS SO GOOD!, the phone feels far more useful (it feels more like a phone now), it feels snappier, the battery seems a bit better though I’m not sure, but it just feels great. So as soon as you get the Prime 2, I highly recommend you flash this firmware straight away, DON’T WAIT!!!
There are a few things I find a little annoying but I think they are solveable. Firstly, I wish there was a native battery indicator (not on the launcher, as I changed the launcher). Usually on the phone, you have the status bar, but there is no status bar on this watch, it makes it difficult if you just use a normal phone launcher, but that is something I can solve with a third party app, so its not a biggie. What is a biggie, is because of the two button system, the home button triples as a back button and a lock button, which is frustrating because sometimes you just want to lock the watch on a specific app, and unfortunately, you have to wait for the battery to go to sleep. On phones, you can double tap the status bar and put the phone to sleep, that way, I wonder if that is possible on FAW? So far, I just installed button mapper and actually, it solves a lot of my gripes. Lastly, I had to uninstall a number of the apps that came in the box and I had to use adb for this. I’m the type of person, I have a particular app for most use, and if it possible, apart from play store, camera and settings, and perhaps the default launcher, I do think everything should be uninstallable. e.g. I don’t use the default google messages, app, I use facebook messages for sms, and I don’t use Chrome, I use Edge. That being said, I love the fact that the apps scaling is so good. It’s really big, all the apps that I use are very compatible and I find myself being able to read things very comfortably.

These are my thoughts from my usage of this device. The reason I wanted an Android watch was for three reasons. 1) As I live in China, we have to open our Covid code every time we want to use public transport, and it is such a pain taking out my phone, so I wanted this watch for that, 2) I wanted to use QR payments as we use that a lot here in China and 3) I wanted to listed to podcasts on spotify with my bluetooth headsets. I can say for all those purposes, the Prime 2 is great! I chose the Prime 2 because of its big battery because of its camera (to scan QR codes). And for that it is great. I like to have everything turned on, bluetooth, gps, wifi, data, and unfortunately if you turn on data, this watch cannot last the day. I would say that even if you don’t use it at all, I think the Kostpet Prime 2 will only last for 7 hours. The chipset is too power hungry/ the battery is too small. However, if you don’t have a simcard in, with everything on, it should last you the whole day out.

I’m loving the Kospet Prime 2 but I think if I were to get another full android watch. I would want it 1) to be square or rectangular, as Android is not made for circular screen, and I think the aesthetics become more of a hindrance… 2) I would want it to be waterproof; the Kospet Prime 2 has a great camera but it is not waterproof, and I am so careful with it around water, and 3) I would want either a less power hungry chip or a bigger battery. I would love to listen to podcasts all day, and have a sim card in it and not have to worry about having to fiddle with it to conserve battery.

Regardless of these issues, I’m loving my Prime 2. It has been a real game changer in my life, and make sure you install FAW. It makes the watch work so well.

Not on my phone ? That must be a customization by your specific phone vendor…

I can have the phone (SIM) active for a full day, not only 7 hours, but it depends very much on the signal strength and perhaps bands supported by the nearest radio tower.
I think your choice of Facebook produced apps (even for SMS), and perhaps other apps you have chosen, may cause higher power usage. Without SIM on, my battery will last for at least 1.5 day.

For a rectangular watch, have a look at Ticwris Max S (or Kospet Note which is the same watch). THAT watch (which has also a nice battery) would be fantastic with the FAW firmware (originally they have only Android 7, so some of my apps don’t work). I really hope they will make a new Android 10 version of this watch, which will be suitable for the FAW firmware :heart_eyes: