Advice for a new owner

If you install " universal launcher " you can arrange the order of apps . All apps installed ( not stock apps ) can be deleted in settings / apps . To change round / square mode press and hold power button and switch from square to round mode . Explain more about BT ?


I recall not keeping the UL on Lem T, but I will try it again. What version should i try and what is the link for the download, please?

we have an excellent working search function. With this you will find this thread within 4 seconds:

-Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

You’ll find the newest version at the top of the post. Just scroll down a little bit. I won’t link it…

You should start doing your own research instead of sitting in your rocking chair with a bag of popcorn and waiting for other people to solve your problems. Everyone here is helpful. But some initiative is also required.


I do not own a rocking chair.
I went to that UL link yesterday, but could not see the download link. I did search thisforum, but the apk I downloaded would not install.

The version you need is 3.6. Just follow the link and scroll down. The APK works fine, no problem to install it on a watch.

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There are so many that can’t fit on one screen page.

That is why i could find it, it had a name i did not expect. I got stuck and part of recovery was to do a factory reset. Back to where i was before, and will try the UL 3 launcher again.

Can only sideload apps, not download or update them from the play store, even with internet access. AOD AMOLED could not be fully initialized, partially due to the round screen.
I may try the UL launcher. If i have a lot of problems, I may put the watch away for a few months…
While doing this, what is your display timeout set to?

AOD amoled is a terrible app anyway . Serious battery drain .

Sounds like I will not persue using it.
Are there apps I need to exclude from battery saver or optimization?

Those which you need to work all the time in the background, like chat apps which you expect to notify you when there is someone writing to you etc… Which apps depends on what you use :ok_hand:

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Such as email or calendar app who’s notifications you get from the watch?

You will get notifications ftom any apps open or that you allow to run in the background

Battery saver is off, but battery manager is on. Do I have to wait for messages about heavy usage from an app to exclude it from not running in the background?

No . Sorry

I installed the UL without installation problems. the touchscreen seem less sensitive in certain areas, this is a UL artifact? Does anyone use the AOD option and do they see any signs of burn in?

I have used AOD with no screen burn . However these screens where not designed for AOD so i would advise against it

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AOD will absolutely slaughter the battery as well.
These screens draw much more power than amoled.
I definitely don’t recommend it.
Especially now that double tap to wake is implemented in the FAW firmware.

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I cannot post to the forum for at least a week. I will consider
what you recommend, but I know nothing about FAW firmware, as a cesz
to the board is very slow at best.

From your profile,

You can see that you already have permission to use the download section (level 1) and the FAW thread is public to all.

So, take some time to understand what you are doing and then go for the FAW update.
Please take my advice and study what you are doing before you do this.

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